Bits of Sweetness: Our huge Christmas surprise

Our huge Christmas surprise

It's crazy that it's 2014 tomorrow. No way.
Oddly enough, I say, "Bring it on!" I am ready for a new year!
(and soon you'll see why!!)

Our Christmas was wonderful this year!
We took a whirlwind family vacation down to Salem and Portland to see family and friends.
Highlights include sweet time with my Great Aunt Judy and her getting to meet Josh and Adrian
Andrew was fantastic entertainment for us!

We went pretty simple on gifts this year-
our Christmas card,
a cute video with clips of the boys (which you can see here),
some home-made treats to enjoy with the movie,
and a special card from Andrew and Adrian.
I wanted to go all out and do a real photo version of this,
but alas, real life seems to get away and I didn't have the time to pull it off.
The end result? Hand-drawn awesomeness. In a card. From the boys.
I love that it took people a few seconds to get that!! 

Andrew had so much fun telling everyone the special news that we would have a new little baby here for next Christmas! He is such a proud big brother and is hoping for a little sister! (He told me he's been praying for one actually! We will see if he's right!! Out of the mouths of babes I say! He was right guessing Adrian was a boy so who knows! Is it just me or do kids sense things sometimes?! )

Then it was time to tell everyone else!

August 5th is my due date and we are so excited!
Talk about a perfect gift this year- I found out ON my birthday and we told everyone for Christmas!!

The irony? Starting the day we found out, I can't tell you how many people suddenly started asking us,
"So are you guys going to have any more kids soon?!" or else, "The boys need a sibling!!"
Ahh so hard to keep a secret!!! We just smiled and said, "Oh someday we will!" 
They just had no idea that someday was pretty soon!

So. Three kids! We must be crazy! What are we getting ourselves into?!?!
I almost can't wait to find out though!

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  1. Yay! As an August baby, I approve this message. ;)
    I hope it's a girl, too (I have two older brothers, and that's awesome). I'm so excited for you!

  2. Thank you!!! I am excited it's in the summer this time!!! Our oldest says it's a girl so maybe it will be! He was right with our younger one being a boy!!


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