Bits of Sweetness: 20 wishes

20 wishes

I am linking up with Nay today for a fun bucket lust of sorts for 2014. I like that we ended up with a very similar wish for this year!

Here are mine.

1. Find a new favorite tea. 2. Get a canopy up in our room. 3. Go geocaching. 4. Listen to classical music more (on right now!) 5. Make ice cream. 6. Make a signature smoothie 7.Send just because cards to ten people. 8. Make time for tea/coffee with the hubs once a week (or more!). 9. More beach trips 10. Read a new chapter book once a month with Andrew. 11. Girls day with my mom (she lives in Idaho so it will take a little doing but needs to happen!) 12. Go camping (might be a challenge being 7-8 months pregnant but I'm up for it!) 13. Volunteer somewhere with the boys 14. Homeschool for a year 15. Go berry-picking at a you-pick patch this summer 16. Swim with dolphins on our Florida trip 17. Meet at least one bloggie friend in person 18. Memorize five verses for labor 19. Get rid of ten pieces of clothes that don't love me anymore 20. Show Jesus' love to someone who needs it. Could be making a meal, getting together, watching kiddos, etc. (even if it's not convenient or might be a sacrifice)

If you had a bucket list this year what would be on it?

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  1. I love your bucket list! I may be able to help with the tea. You know I've been feeling rather British and have been drinking tea instead of coffee all week. I found a tea from Bigelow called English Teatime. I love it! I actually went and bought a whole box of it last night. lol

  2. That sounds SO familiar!! I need to get some!!!! It sounds really really good!

  3. Ooh I love the idea of sending just because cards!!! I have sending a handwritten note of some sort at least once a month on my list too! So excited to have you join us for our 20 Wishes project!!!!

  4. That is so fun! I love writing cards and letters. I discovered the dollar store near us has tons of packs of cards for just $1! Makes it even more enticing to send them!!


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