Bits of Sweetness: Currently: I'm eating happiness

Currently: I'm eating happiness

Currently: I am rewarding myself for surviving a day going on hardly any sleep with some little sweet treats that are happiness in my mouth(Skittles!!!) I have to admit- the early pregnancy insomnia is probably one of my least fave things about pregnancy. I'm still trying to find a good solution! I am a total lightweight though so things effect me more than I want! Let's not forget the time I accidentally took Nyquil before work...
And this. Pretty much.

Currently: I am actually being pretty good this pregnancy about being healthier. (We just won't talk about Bunco treats last night!) I've been downing water as much as I can, taking way better prenatals, and have been eating plenty of fruits,veggies,iron and protein. This time around I am being easier on myself for off days(and calling it that instead of a failure). It motivates me to keep trying.

Currently: just finished the Downton Abby premiere with the hubby. So hooked.

Currently: wishing I could go to Elevate. Darn photo jobs! (Ok so I really do love my clients!! Just not conflicts.) Maybe next year!

What are you currently up to?

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  1. I crave sweets all the time. I don't have pregnancy to use as an excuse. Take advantage while you can. LOL

  2. haha I seem to crave things worse after pregnancy!! Great excuse though, you're right!!


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