Bits of Sweetness: It's a....!!

It's a....!!

baby!!! :)

We went in for the first ultrasound yesterday! It was the first time Josh was able to make it to the initial ultrasound so that was pretty special. I always hold my breath until we see that little heartbeat. It is always a big huge relief to me. This time especially since I haven't had any symptoms at all really the past week. I was a little nervous. But, here we go!
I love the little profile you can already see! S/he looks a lot like both boys. I have to be careful because Andrew already has it pegged a girl and I have to admit, secretly I would love a little girl! Either way though, we are stoked!

Baby is measuring 46 mm and we just about died at how precious it was, wiggling about, seeing the tiny fingers and toes. The verse, "I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" comes to mind. How incredible that we matter so much, even at just 46 mm long!

We took both boys with us(which was noisy and interesting! Ha!). Andrew was all gung ho asking if we'd find out if it was a boy or girl. Not yet buddy, not yet! We do get to find out three days after Josh's birthday though in March so woot woot!!

Time for a little update since I haven't done one yet!

Twelve weeks:
(Ok confession: this was at 9 weeks. But nothing has changed tummy wise! So there's that.)

Feeling: Great. I honestly can't complain. I do have to watch the whole sudden blacking out thing, just like with both other pregnancies, but enter the folding stool everywhere and duh. Great solution I never though of before. Have to cool down my steaming hot showers a little (again, duh?) But other than that, yay.
I am a lot more tired but yay for Netflix for the older boy, teething toddler who nap often,and a sweet husband who watches both so I can get a little sleep in.
No morning sickness this time around! (HOORAY!) I just have to avoid any greasy or fried foods. (Like, talk about them and I might shoot you with invisible lasers!)

My lifesavers. 
This gum.
These prenatals. I am feeling amazing with them.
Lots of laughter. New Girl is on my playlist. And craziest thing ever?
Our old couch is in that show. Like exact one!
Bio oil. For my face. It's helped get rid of a lot of blemishes and makes my skin feel great.
This time around, my hormones aren't being so nice to my face. Boo.
Taking time to just slow down and relax, even if only ten minutes. Lately I've been doing a lot of reading.
This book and this devotion on Kindle (and in print too) are favorites.

Cake. Lots of cake. I made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting the other day (and then gave half to the youth group so I wouldn't eat
Thankfully good stuff too to balance out a little :)

Happy 12 weeks little peanut!

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  1. Oh I am so glad you aren't sick, I thought I had read somewhere that your were dealing with terrible morning sickness? Yay for healthy baby!

  2. ah so exciting! I am happy for you!

  3. Thank you!! I am wondering what in the world three kiddos will look like but here we go!

  4. I had some not feeling great but thankfully not terrible morning sickness. Although sometimes I (almost) wish I could take it for my friends who get hit bad! almost.


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