Bits of Sweetness: The year of NO resolutions?! Say what?!

The year of NO resolutions?! Say what?!

Yep. You read that right. While everyone is off making grand resolutions,
I am sitting here with nothing here for you. Last year I made resolutions
of things that would literally never happen (like having twins. They don't run
in our family as far back as we can find.)

This is what's up this year:

I am a great supporter if you decide to make a resolution; they just aren't for me, you know?
Actually, my game plan is to not set them so if a lot of progress is made (and, is what I'm striving for),
I won't have to let myself down with it being less than I had hoped; I can just be excited about whatever does happen! My one "goal" for the year is to do Zumba once a week (even just at home)
so hopefully that will be manageable but we will see!
I decided I should start the year off on a good foot, so this happened on New Years..
I am probably the most uncoordinated one there, and can never remember the routines,
but I guess A for effort right?!

I do want to have a healthier pregnancy time around and don't want to shoot myself in the foot by just buying junk to snack on. I was really happy to find this in the clearance section at Target the other day.
I may or may not have bought four of them.
We live really close to Dairy Queen so it's hard to resist those 9 pm blizzard and fry cravings,
but I am trying hard! I was proud of myself for not sending Josh out the other night,
even though a peppermint blizzard sounded like heaven in a cup pretty much.
I am realizing that baby steps, rather than huge leaps and bounds, is the way to go to make true progress.

Maybe I do have resolutions this year, but whose keeping track? I'm not! I'm just shooting for making more of an effort towards the goal rather than total success. Knowing me, the first is a lot more realistic!!

I love this article I found with fifty great baby steps you can take to eating (and being) healthier.
The last is my favorite.

Do you have any resolutions or things you're hoping to accomplish this year?
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