Bits of Sweetness: When is parenting good enough?

When is parenting good enough?

This has been on my mind lately.
It's so hard to feel like I am enough as a parent.
Everywhere you look, there is something saying we are failing and if we would just do this, we would miraculously become just what our kids need. It's easy enough to listen to. I mean, who doesn't want to be a better parent? In this society that is so driven by just a little better and then we'll be there when is enough really enough? It's not to say we ever reach perfection here on this earth, or that we should stop trying altogether, but there is something to be said about being content with embracing right now rather than longing for what could be. 

See, I am finding this to be so.very.true.
The thing is, I find myself taking out my own shortcomings as a person and parent out on the little blessings God has given me. Instead of focusing on loving who they are, and who I am, shortcomings and all, I instead find myself focusing so desperately on changing it. I buy into "if only." 
"If only my kids would cooperate, I would be the parent I wanted to be."
"If only he would stop being so stubborn and just listen, I wouldn't get upset."
"If only he would just stop waking up so early I wouldn't be grumpy all day! It's throwing off all my great plans!"

Which just leads to feeling like a failure. Which I then tend to take out on them.

 I love this.

I am finding that it's ok.
It's ok to be proud of the great moments.
It's ok to feel like a failure (you're not one!)
It's ok to not always like your kids very much (deep down, you know you love them!)
It's ok to have no idea half the time (or most of the time?!) what is going on with this parenting thing.
It's ok to be content with who you are as a parent. 
You are enough for your child!
It's not a competition.
There is no magical one way that you just need to find that will solve all the problems.
Sometimes, the "problems" are really just a chance to show more love and can be a bigger blessing than we realize. We all need that.
But most of all, we have hope. Hope that the tough "right now" is not going to last forever!

The most important thing as a parent?
Seek Him first. With God... everything else falls in place.
In Him? Peace and contentment.
In Him? Love. Unconditional love.
Love that we can rest in and plenty to give to our kids.
The knowledge that in Him we are enough.

What is your bright spot lately?
Hard spot? 
Find some sunshine (even if it's just little!)

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  1. Great minds think alike, I see! Great post...Great Mama!

  2. It was nice to find yours too! :) Kudos to you for posting! You made my day :)

  3. I agree with so much! Always wondering if I'm screwing it all up. :) -Casey from instagram! @caseystarnes Nice to see your blog! Mine is

  4. Sometimes it's nice to just take confidence in the fact that we won't always have it all together or know what we're doing but that is ok and we are still great parents even in the "feel-like-failure" moments. Love you girl!


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