Bits of Sweetness: Five Adorable Easy Valentines + A Free Printable!

Five Adorable Easy Valentines + A Free Printable!

I thought I'd share some of my favorite ideas I found. I thought these were a little more unique and not too cheesy.

1. Star Wars + glowsticks. Need I say more?!
Source: Stitch Craft Creations

2.S'mores are a fave in this house so this Valentine is a great option! (Secretly though I just want some for me ;-) )
Source: Domesticated Lady
3.  I like the message on this one- no cheesy "Be my valentine?" that the entire class is getting.
Source: Happy Clippings
4. Cars are a huge deal at our house! Might be a good way to clean out some of our hundreds of matchbox cars! ;-)
Source: Happy Clippings
5. This pirate idea is just too cute!
Source: A Helicopter Mom

What are you doing for Valentines to send this year? Andrew has just 12 other kids in his class so I'm thinking the s'mores idea might be our favorite! If he had his way though he would do two! Nice try kid :) Part of me is tempted to just buy the store bought kits because hello-easy but, it's so fun to add a little bit more to it. Maybe I'm just a sucker for being unique.

And now a little treat for you sweet friend- a free Valentine printable.
This pretty much perfectly sums up our love for tea and each other.
I wanted to share it with you though too!

You can download it here.

Happy February all!
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  1. I'm almost embarrassed to say it (and reveal my inner nerd) but I Love the Star Wars figures with the glow sticks! Thanks for the free printable too!!

  2. Um, Star Wars nerds unite!! haha Let's just say we lie vicariously through our kids :D


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