Bits of Sweetness: Midweek Confessions: shoes, interviews, and the death of Valentines!

Midweek Confessions: shoes, interviews, and the death of Valentines!

I have a blog post floating around in my brain but it's just not quite done yet, so I thought this might be a fun way to kill some time.

:: I don't know why, but I decided last night that I just had to find the perfect pair of slouchy grey(gray? grey. Darn it. Which way do you spell it?!) boots. Commence a hunt that involved about eight websites, tears, and no boots I liked. They were all either not that style or too simple and over-priced. Argh. I finally found the perfect pair on shoebuy and discovered they are currently running a sale for free shipping + 20% off!

:: I am learning to say no more often to what won't benefit me(or my wallet), but it is sure hard! It's been good though to say "yes" to what matters more. Or at least what should! Insert park trips, yes to more time together, yes to playing more, yes to being a little more patient,yes to saving $5 here and there, yes to eating what I need rather than what sounds good (but I know I'll feel later). Yes to taking time to having moments of slowing down. We all need that. Life can't be go-go-go as easy as it is to get caught up in doing. Sometimes we just need to be and rest.

:: On the other hand, I am struggling with patience on waiting for a yes or no for a second job for Josh. Two interviews. One no. One taking a lot of time to get back. One day at a time though.

:: Writing names on Valentines just might be the death of me! I think it took us an hour to get through writing 12 names & numbers on tags to go on the Valentine bags for Andrew's class. He is so all-or-nothing with how they need to look (and of course it must be on the first try or he is done even thinking about it!!) Insert lots of pen-throwing, scribbled out letters, and a few "quite seriously?!"s on my part and you have a good idea of how things went down. We f i n a l l y finished and they looked great but two hours?! Next year we are so getting a box. Save me some sanity why don't you?!

:: Totally hooked on the new season of Downton Abbey. Can't believe some of the twists they are throwing in!!

:: I keep finding reasons to wash my hands. The coconut lime sugar hand scrub I made up (tweaked from a recipe I found) leaves them feeling so smooth and moisturized plus it smells amazing! I'm in charge of crafts for our MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers if you are wondering ;-) ) and have been having fun finding good craft ideas. This was one. You can follow my Pinterest board for more ideas here.

:: I am almost jealous of everyone else's snow, but only slightly. I like to look at it, but not go anywhere with it (mostly because people here aren't that skilled at driving in it, and my studded tires are in the garage. I am too lazy to get them on!)

:: I offered to speak at our MOPS group. What was I thinking?!?! I am so nervous but at the same time, I have a ton of really good ideas. (The topic is Mommy Wars.) I don't know why I get myself into these things, but deep breath. Here we go.

:: Adrian's mornings start at 5:30. Every day. What is this?? :( At least I am good friends with my cup of tea. (it's been more soothing to my sore throat as of late than coffee ever is.)

Learning to slow down and notice the moments like this. 

What is your confession this week?

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  1. I totally agree about valentines. Lord have mercy! My youngest gets up at 5:45am. I can relate!


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