Bits of Sweetness: 20 Wishes in March

20 Wishes in March

Back in January, I posted about the 20 Wishes I had for the year. I missed out on last month's checkin to let you know how they were going, but here's where we are this month.

1. Find a new favorite tea. 
Found it! Yogi's Honey lavender. SO good! And incredibly relaxing. I seem to be on a lavender kick lately after Josh and I's getaway trip to the Peninsula.
2. Get a canopy up in our room. 
3. Go geocaching. 
4. Listen to classical music more
Yes! In fact this song "Beethoven's Five Secrets" by the Piano Guys is pretty great.
5. Make ice cream. 
6.Make a signature smoothie
Yes! I'll have to blog about it sometime. Cinnamon is my favorite to add in. 
7.Send just because cards to ten people.
 8. Make time for tea/coffee with the hubs once a week (or more!).
I've been slacking here. I need to make time for this! 
9. More beach trips 
Little cold yet but we had lots of fun going to a beach on the Peninsula!

10. Read a new chapter book once a month with Andrew. 
Make that three so far! He is loving the Boxcar Children and Choose Your Own Adventure series! I also found the Chocolate Touch. That was a fun one to re-read!
11. Girls day with my mom (she lives in Idaho so it will take a little doing but needs to happen!) 
12. Go camping (might be a challenge being 7-8 months pregnant but I'm up for it!) 
13. Volunteer somewhere with the boys
We tried to do this already, serving food at a cafe for those in need, but there was a miscommunication on time! Hopefully next time it will work out! Andrew is so excited to do it! 
14. Homeschool for a year 
I think this is actually happening this next year!
Follow my "Educational Fun" board on Pinterest for some awesome creative 
learning activities
15. Go berry-picking at a you-pick patch this summer 
16. Swim with dolphins on our Florida trip 
Praying that this trip works out! I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant. I wasn't expecting yet at the time of ticket booking! It could be in limbo if Josh gets a new job. Pray that it works out! I would love to go!!
17. Meet at least one bloggie friend in person 
18. Memorize five verses for labor 
19. Get rid of ten pieces of clothes that don't love me anymore
Somehow my laundry pile is really daunting. I would rather, oh, I don't know, read my book, do the winter challenge, or eat some chocolate or something instead.
 20. Show Jesus' love to someone who needs it. Could be making a meal, getting together, watching kiddos, etc. (even if it's not convenient or might be a sacrifice)

Well there you have it! I'll probably make a bit more progress when the weather warms up a little! What is on your to-do wishlist this year?

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  1. I LOVED the Boxcar Children when I was little! Reading all my favorite old books to my daughter is something I really look forward to! Thanks for joining us again this month! Hope to see you next month too! ;)

  2. What a fun list/link up! I'm visiting from the Mom-Hop. What a fun site you have! Checking out your pinterest, too, as I will be staying at home with my babes next year. xo


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