Bits of Sweetness: Easy DIY 50¢ Dryer Sheets!

Easy DIY 50¢ Dryer Sheets!

I have an easy peasy tutorial for you guys today. (I don't know if you can even call it that because my 6-year old could do this!). So what is that quote? "Necessity is the mother of invention?" Well, cue necessity and invention because this morning, I was completely out of dryer sheets and although it would have been awesome to give myself a day off, our laundry somehow breeds in the blink of an eye and before I know it, it's piled and overflowing and we are having to wash things to wear them! (True story). So, break out the searching for a good recipe for diy dryer sheets. I knew I'd seen one floating around recently! I combined a couple ideas, mixed the ingredients up, tried it out and hey whaddyaknow- it worked! Plus it was dirt cheap (minus the dirt!) Win/win for me! I feel like some things we just go through so much of and laundry items are one of them. DIY recipes can be pretty hit or miss (-miss on the laundry soap and dishwasher soap here), but I will be remaking this one!!

So, the how to:
You need:
1 quart/4 cup size size container or jar with a lid
2 cups water
1 cup favorite fabric softener
3-4 sponges cut into 4 rectangles each 
( I used magic erasers and regular sponges since it's what I had on hand)

Add water and fabric softener to jar.
Shake well (I used a whisk here to help it along. The softener can be thick!)
Add sponges and push into solution to help them absorb it.

To use:
Slightly wring out and toss 1 sponge into a small load 
or 2 sponges into a medium - large load.
Simply put the sponges back into the container after using!

Feel free to double or triple the recipe!
This costs you very little to make (50¢ for my batch!)

Have you tried any DIY recipes of your own lately? How did they work out for you? 

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