Bits of Sweetness: Favorite date lately

Favorite date lately

Downton Abbey. With my love. Simple enough, but I am looking forward to these times together more and more, even if its "just" an at-home date night. I love going out and spending time together, but with two kids and life's craziness, it just does not happen as often as we would like! I'm discovering that it's something we really do have to plan and make time for because otherwise, time just flies and suddenly we are a month without really any "us" time. I have no idea how we are going to wait until the next season of Downton Abbey comes out though! These short British series are killing me here! Guess we need to find a new show now! What is your go-to date night idea? 

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  1. We watch Parenthood! Feels kind of perfect.

  2. I am so hooked on it!! Josh didn't really get into it so it's totally "my" show ;)


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