Bits of Sweetness: It's a....!!!

It's a....!!!

We had our second ultrasound yesterday and found out the big news we were waiting for- boy or girl!
I felt like deep down, it might be a girl, but didn't want to cry at the ultrasound (true story last time!)
Everything looks great! Heart rate is at 149. Nothing appears to be abnormal, but no matter what, we love this little one!
It's a baby!
I unintentionally wore blue and pink for the day!

We had promised Andrew we would tell him first.We picked up colored balloons before we picked him up from the bus and then planned a fun little reveal with the boys.

Facebook teaser picture :)

And the video we put together to announce the baby :)

We carried on the color cake reveal tradition for the grandparents here!

Andrew was tickled to get to call the grandparents and great-grandparents out of state to tell them the news. He has wanted a sister this time, said that it was a girl, and was so excited to be right. (He might be onto something with luck! He guessed Adrian right all along too!)

We are so excited!!!  I know a baby is a blessing and either gender is wonderful, but it's nice to finally get a girl too when you've had two boys. I don't think there's anything wrong hoping one way or the other. (Just be prepared for a few tears if you do because I've been through that! It's a lot better when you can think of them as a little person with a name though! My emotions totally changed for the better after the 2nd ultrasound the both previous times. )

Amazingly, I have yet to buy any girl stuff. I might be completely silly, but I'm waiting until I find just the right thing; something to make it special enough! No idea why but things like this are a big deal to me!

How did you announce the gender? Did you find out? What fun traditions do you have celebrating through the pregnancy? 

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  1. Oh my gosh how exciting!! Congratulations :D

  2. Thank you!!!! I am over the moon excited at finally getting a girl!!

  3. They are both so excited! (Although Andrew probably moreso ;-) Adrian is still trying to figure out what "baby" even means!)

  4. Aww, congratulations! Girls are SO MUCH FUN.


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