Bits of Sweetness: Fly By

Fly By

Life is such a whirlwind lately! Here is what we've been up to lately!

Hitting 24 weeks!

Doing cool stuff at the library. Like puzzles!
Cause who needs all the books when you got these?!
Maybe I should feel bad depriving them of any puzzles at home. 
Like, actually threw them all out in the recycle. Every single one. 
I absolutely can't stand all the zillion pieces all over and puzzles never ever done.
So, I got rid of them all. And now we do things like go to the library to do them.

Doing some sweet artwork for MC 136

Stocking up on all our favorite things at TJ's.
I already need to go again for some fresh stuff.
You know, to balance out the 85% not-fresh stuff we got there?!
Which, ironically, we also need to stock up on!

Finding out me and the hubs really are a perfect fit!
I love all the flavors he can't stand! (though not all at once!!)

Celebrating Easter Sunday with these two BOYS!

Sitting with Daddy in church.

Getting our first real bike!

Birthday party fun with friends

Dreamy photosessions!

And eeps-
starting a new business venture and adding one more hat to the many I already have.
Stella & Dot Stylist, here I come!
This stuff is simply dahling!
If you need any Mother's Day gifts, or your wardrobe could use something pretty, or you just need a treat (when don't you?!)
 feel free to check out the great deals going on
through the 4th of the month here! My trunk show is open through the 20th!
I am pretty excited!
These are some things already headed to my mailbox!

That's all I got for now! I could post about 20 more photos but then that might be two or three posts worth :)

On my to-do list:
-"Relax" tomorrow. You know how good it feels to check that off?! Add it sometime and see what I mean!
"Nothing" is another good one to add!
We are taking the afternoon off and hanging with friends at the park, doing a little BBQ and a whole lot of nothing because sometimes, you just need to!
-Trip to Portland for photosession/girl time
-Get the Respiratory system down for some tests before said trip!
Wish me luck there. The sun keeps calling my name!

Also: If any of you are interested in the PNW Box Swap again, there will be signups happening in May, very very soon for a summer swap in June!! Stay tuned!!

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