Bits of Sweetness: Taking Stock

Taking Stock

I have some deeper longer blog posts in the works, but for tonight, here is one inspired by some of my sweet friends, Nay & Brit.

Currently, I am: 
Making:  a baby ;-) Hardly seems real that I'll be six months on Sunday! Mother's Day though, how fitting!

Cooking: Just made Jello. From scratch. We'll see how this thing goes down!

Drinking: Coffee. To go with these nine tests I'm trying to get done before the weekend. Doing tests on Mother's Day? No thanks. My sweet professor planned that many due on Sunday and I'm still trying to figure out why. Holding my breath on a midterm that accidentally got submitted early(like 3 out of 50 questions early). Leave it to me to not see the part that it was timed. Oops. 

Reading:  Drawing Eyebrows on Babies. Dying. Laughing. 

Wanting:  pants that fit cute. Maternity pants are laughably horrible on me.  I need a good (cute!) leggings resource. Not black. Or grey! Any ideas?

Looking: at the ring on my hand, again and again. I am so glad I decided to become a stylist. Stella & Dot truly is amazing! Can't wait until my first local show this month! By the way, this ring is on sale 1/2 off. Seriously!

Playing: around with songs I want on my birth playlist.  And realizing I need to start downloading some right away. Having a birth with a youtube commercial for Geico before the song isn't quite what I have in mind!

Wasting: minutes, doing this instead of writing down endocrine system terms. Consider it recharging ;-)

Wishing: I wasn't pregnant so I could go to Florida for my friend's wedding to photograph it! We'll see what happens with that trip.  I wasn't expecting when we booked tickets. Ironically, I was also super pregnant two years ago for another best friend's wedding and didn't make it to that one either. Boo.

Enjoying:  quiet time with Josh right now. We're not doing anything together, per se, but just being by him for me is really nice and counts as time spent together. 

Waiting: until our little caterpillars transform! It has provided the best moments ever! I could frame so many of these pictures! We don't have a pet like a dog or a cat, so these boys are pretty thrilled to have a regular houseguest (and so are we, at the simplicity of it!!)

Wondering: why we tell ourselves that we are unusable to God until we get our act together. I mean, seriously, God used completely broken, or stubborn, or messed up lives like Jacob and David and Rahab. Tonight's Bible Study was a really refreshing reminder about that!
Loving: above mentioned Bible study. Great chance to get real with other people and not have shallow talk. It's so needed to have the "deeper more meaningful" tank refilled sometimes.  

Hoping: our MOPS Moms Night Out goes ok! I've been planning and brainstorming and fundraising for it. It's been massive. And so much time! But I can't wait!! 
Sixty goody bags. Yes. Seriously. 
Huge thanks to our MOPS coordinator Nicole for helping me with these!!

Marveling: at how God uses us! And how good he is even in the midst of painful things. Good doesn't mean that it's lovely and beautiful and happy. It just means that he is- comfort. there. God. 

Needing: to better prioritize. But the days go by, hours seemingly seconds at a time so no idea how this is going to happen. I vote a second Saturday and Monday!

Smelling: tropical juice from aforementioned jello I made. 

Wearing: yoga pants and a cute top. 

Following: Jesus. Trying to at least. Easier to say what that looks like than actually doing it!

Noticing: how much difference a year makes!!
Knowing: our third baby is going to be stinking cute!! :) Can't wait to meet her!!

Thinking: of several friends going through the pain of losing a baby or child. So 
very hard. :(

Feeling: blessed. Thankful. Realizing how much I take for granted!

Bookmarking: Lego homeschool ideas for an awesome curriculum for next year!  

Opening: my eyes more to the needs people have that I can meet, even if it means a lot of sacrifice. It usually brings more joy then. 
Giggling: at that baby eyebrow article still! :)

Feeling: like today is a lot better than yesterday! (Even though today held a dryer full of clothes with orange sparkly crayon dried into every single one!)This quote was a good one for it. 

What's on your mind today or weekend to-do more of and less of list?
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  1. I've seen a lot of cute leggings on kiki la'rue...??? that book - going to order it on Amazon now!

  2. so fun! wish I was in your MOPS group, I"ve been trying to find one but cant seem to have any luck in my area. Also, you are the cutest pregnant lady!

  3. Ahh bummer! You can check on their site and see if there are any close (or look into starting one!) Thanks :) It's kindof fun to feel a little prettier, even if it might be a pain sometimes!

  4. oh shoot. I am so in for it now! Kiki la'rue is amazing!!! I could get SO many things on their site!! Ahh haha

  5. P.s. it's a link not a book (and I linked it too for ya ;-) ) it's freaking hilarious. eyebrows on babies :) articles are all I got time for to read these days lol


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