Bits of Sweetness: 20 wishes! June recap!

20 wishes! June recap!

Here's how my 20 wishes are going so far! Ones we've done are in blue and bold!
1. Find a new favorite tea. 
I have a couple new favorites! Honey Lavender, and the brand new shaken Teavana Iced Teas at Starbucks. Their Blackberry Mojito one is amazing! Get yourself a venti to have entra!
The worst kind of tea I've recently tried was a lemon ginger green tea. The ginger was more of a "whoa" than a subtle hint! 
2. Get a canopy up in our room.
I might wait until we buy a house to do this, but I'm also kindof liking this easy idea
 Pinned here
3. Go geocaching. 
Still need to do that! The boys would love it!4. Listen to classical music more
We do so often now, even the hubs, and it's pretty nice! 
I also found this great calm album that the boys both love, and have the other two albums on my list! If you haven't put on classical or relaxing music during the day, do it! It instantly improves the mood!
5. Make ice cream. 
We did it in the blender and it turned out great! More frosty-like since we put ice in the blender with it but still so good!
6.Make a signature smoothie
Our latest favorite is a coffee one with a mocha mix. It's amazing
7.Send just because cards to ten people.
Working on this one! I love to send mail!! I need more cards though. Those are on my wish list! Pretty cards have my heart!  
8. Make time for tea/coffee with the hubs once a week (or more!).
Haven't done it every week but we are doing it way more often. 
It's wonderful! The funny thing is, I don't even
9. More beach trips
Done this and doing this more still! Summer has only just arrived!
I have some pretty ideas for family maternity pics at the beach too. 
10. Read a new chapter book once a month with Andrew. 
Yes and it's been so fun!! I just did an Usborne party and earned some awesome free ones! I need to look for more chapter books while thrifting today!
11. Girls day with my mom (she lives in Idaho so it will take a little doing but needs to happen!) 
12. Go camping 
Um.. I'll take a day camp version of this! It's probably just not going to happen this summer being pregnant!
13. Volunteer somewhere with the boys
14. Homeschool for a year 
We don't have a year done yet but Andrew wanted to start for the year, so we did!
We are just easing in so "school" only looks like 1-2 hours a day, just a few days a week. 
I have an entire board on Pinterest here dedicated to lots of fun educational ideas (great whether you homeschool or not!)
15. Go berry-picking at a you-pick patch this summer 
16. Swim with dolphins on our Florida trip 
This one is sadly getting taken off the list due to being so pregnant :( 

17. Meet at least one bloggie friend in person 
18. Memorize five verses for labor 
19. Get rid of ten pieces of clothes that don't love me anymore
Did it! I still need to go through some more of my clothes, but it feels so good to be rid of what I don't really love. Currently, there isn't enough room for them all to fit in my closet and dresser to it's kindof a mandatory thing so we can fit Adleigh's bassinet in our room! Good motivation, huh?!
 20. Show Jesus' love to someone who needs it. Could be making a meal, getting together, watching kiddos, etc. (even if it's not convenient or might be a sacrifice)
Thankful for the opportunity to do this one already!!

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Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. Love your list! My "sister-in-law" lives at my house with us and works at Starbucks she is always bringing home amazing drinks for us to try! Absolutely love getting her from work. If you like making your own tea I have absolutely loved the Tazo's Vanilla Rooibos Parfait, it's the first tea that I haven't felt the need to add anything too! Good luck with your list!

  2. Ohhh my. That sounds SO GOOD!! That is on my list now!!!! I bet you get some fantastic treats with her working there!! Yum!!

  3. I love this post and I am SO getting the blackberry mojito tea tomorrow — I was eyeing it yesterday but wasn't sure if it would be good. My kiddos are in VBS every morning this week so I'm getting some interruption free work time in at Starbucks! :) We should do #17 ;) Could combine it with #15! My kids love berry picking!

  4. thanks for the blackberry mojito tea recommendation! i'm definitely getting that tomorrow morning :)

  5. You'll have to let me know if you got it with or without lemonade! I couldn't decide and got it without and it was so good.

  6. Ok I vote yes on both berry picking and meeting!!!!!!!!!!! I'll email you ;). That sounds like just the perfect added break with VBS too!!

  7. Great list! I have thought often about homeschooling and think it would be a very challenging, yet rewarding thing to do! Thanks for linking up!


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