Bits of Sweetness: 2014 PNW Swaps Summer Fun Box Swap Signup!

2014 PNW Swaps Summer Fun Box Swap Signup!

So, I do these fun box swaps about twice a year! They are always lots of fun and it's a blast to get to know other PNW bloggers! I'm making it super easy peasy this time for you too with the signup form right at the end! Your information *will not* post online or for anyone else to see! It is just recorded for me! I take all the entrants, match them up, and then email people their match info! This time I am going to pair people up together so they have the same person to get to know, which can be fun! You don't have to say anything to your swap partner until you do your post, or you can choose to say hi right when you find out who you have! Either way is fine! It's a really fun way to get a fun box of goodies!

 This time, I am encouraging you all to buy several things from their wishlist and to also add some new things too that might be local or favorite things of yours! Because of that, I also added a spot to denote any allergies or dislikes you have so those are avoided, but I have to say- it is really fun getting some new items added in! You're welcome to buy things for their kids, pets, spouses, etc if they have any!
(and, if you go over the $20 suggested limit, that is up to you too!)

Anyone with a blog or Instagram who lives in the Pacific Northwest is welcome to participate!
Bloggers of all "niches" welcome!

Some good ideas when putting down ideas: don't get too specific but give enough info to have fun with! 
Example: vintage postcards: great! Postcards from 1946: probably too hard to find!
Scarves: great! Scarves of just a certain brand: too specific
Size 7 flip flops: great Size 7 Converse: sorry- outside this swap $ limit! 
Plus, that would be the only thing your swap partner could get you!
Specific can be ok if you give a couple different options!
Example: anything with my name or inital on it!
Any vanilla flavored coffee
Anything with butterflies
Watercolor supplies

Suggested limit is $20
Signups go through June 21st
Swap info goes out by June 24th
Boxes sent by June 30th
Tag your box or items on IG @bitsofsweetness and #pnwswaps when you get it!! 
Post up by July 12th

Feel free to email me with questions!!

Most of all- this is just one fantastic way to have fun and get to know other local peeps!

Sign up right below!

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