Bits of Sweetness: 6.5


Do your kids celebrate half years? They're a huge deal at our house! Andrew even holds a finger halfway to signify the milestone! To him, I think he feels super important to not only be six but six and a half! Like, halfway to seven! It's funny too because if you guess his age, and just say six, he will correct you in a second! "NO! I'm six and a half." He will say pointedly, and then proceed to tell you how it also means he is super fast and getting so tall. I wanted to get some pictures of just him while the weather is nice, so we snuck out (sneaked? snuck? I never know!) a few days ago while Adrian was napping and got some at park nearby. I had visions in my head of this absolutely amazing shoot, but when it came down to it, I decided to nix the idea and just capture him. Normally, it takes twenty minutes to capture about two good shots, but this time, Andrew was so cooperative! Maybe he's growing up more than I realize! Ten minutes and we had so many good ones! I am just loving this phase (I say that about almost every phase though! At least parts of each phase that I love!)

And my favorite!

I could get prints of a lot of these but I think the last one is my favorite.(Call me crazy. Seriously. Because i shot that last one at 1.4 aperture with a six year old as my subject. Personal accomplishment right there though!) Andrew is just so much fun right now! 

Favorite things at 6 1/2
*Creating rocket ships & planes, complete with names
*Reading beginning chapter books and anything to do with science
*Anything to do with volcanoes
*Making things for his brother- forts, space ships, breakfast- you name it! Andrew loves to do things for him! (And others too!)
*Bringing a smile to people's face
*Visiting Daddy at work
*Making plans (He is such a planner! He always has a plan in the works! The fun never ends for him because he has something up next!)
*Riding his bike
*Basic cooking projects
*Experiments (usually involving disassembling toys and crazy questions like, "What would happen if you lit this on fire?")
*Finding & collecting treasures like feathers, leaves, and rocks (and sometimes naming them)
*Growing faster than we can keep up with!

I am so thankful for our sweet boy! He is getting way too smart and we now need to figure out some code language because spelling things out no longer works! He has such a tender caring heart, and not a day goes by that I don't smile at what he says and does (even if sometimes it might be halfway going crazy too! But that's ok :) ) Now to go order prints before he grows three more inches!

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  1. We do celebrate the half as well. My son is born so December is his half which is an awesome month! Happy 6-1/2 to him. He's got a gorgeous smile. How do you make him pose. My son is 4 and he doesnt like me to take photos of him anymore =P #WW

  2. It's sometimes more fun to celebrate the half birthdays!! With his birthday in December, the weather can be a little icky so summer works out better sometimes! It's a big deal to hit half a year! :) How old is your son? How do I get him to pose? That is tricky! I usually don't ask him to!! I'll follow him around and tell him something silly, then capture that! Giving him something to look at or hold helps too (like a book!)


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