Bits of Sweetness: It's ok!

It's ok!

These days, I'm telling myself "It's ok!" more and more! It usually involves taking a deep breath, stepping back, and taking a moment to regroup from the craziness of the day. I'll be honest- my to-do list holds way too much importance some days. Don't get me wrong- it's important to me to put effort into our home making it a comfortable, (somewhat) organized place to live, but on the other hand, I have to watch just how much I am stressing over the state of our home and missing out on the memories being lived all around me, no matter the condition of our home. 

I think that quote applies to waiting to enjoy our homes or our down time too. There is always going to be something to do. Give yourself permission to take a few things off that to-do list if your day is crazy, call it good, and just make some memories! After all, they're happening around you! Whether you appreciate them or choose to stress over the to-dos is up to you!

I need this on a plaque for my wall!

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