Bits of Sweetness: Simple Sunday Snapshots

Simple Sunday Snapshots

Little moments. They are my favorite. It's so easy to think "big" for the memories that are going to live on in our children's memories, but I am finding that they are so often drawn to enjoying and remembering the things we never expected! (I mean hello playing with the box the toy came in! Or true story- enjoying the playground at the zoo more than the zoo itself! )  I don't know if it's a combination of this pregnancy meaning I am having to slow down a lot sooner than before or my love for the little things and belief in making the most out of those, but I have really been appreciating the simpler moments lately. (Maybe because it's all I can do?!) It's incredible to watch Andrew and Adrian's eyes light up at the smallest things that are huge moments to them- a $1 ice cream cone at our favorite local spot, counting the stars at night, going on a walk and talking about what we see, finding a new book at the library, giggling over buzzing tickling fingers, a walk to the street fair, or just being content with lots of time at home together- it's the little moments, that can make the biggest memories in our kids' lives!

This weekend my dad wanted to BBQ. As Andrew would say, "I'm all over that!" Our area has so many beautiful places to go and see, sometimes it's almost overwhelming the possibilities! Within an hour we could be in Seattle or in Vancouver BC or out on the San Juan Islands or east in the mountains or west to one of many amazing beaches. I mean wow. So much wonder right at our fingertips. But, I decided to skip all those places and suggest the park a mile from our house. Turns out, as much as I love the beach, the park made for a night that was just perfect. Settling for simpler- something that is so good for the soul and a great challenge because it means being content with less. But then again, less is often so much more! We aren't depriving our kids just because we can't give them trips to Disney or fun vacations or trips to the expensive fun places. It's the memories from the little moments in everyday life to strive for! And, by all means, save up for the bigger fun, but just don't forget to appreciate and be thankful for the everyday moments too! Life so rarely aligns to be just the way we are wanting it to and we miss out on so much by only being thankful when it's really fun or really memorable or just the way we pictured. Don't wait. Enjoy the simpler and imperfect that is happening right around you! :) BBQ. Perfect weather. Family frisbee game (even Adrian got in on it!). Lightsaber fights. Adrian going down the slide for the very first time all on his own. Lots of juicy watermelon. The joy of watching Andrew making new friends and playing monsters with them. The sunshine- it could not have been more perfect!

Some favorite snapshots-
brothers digging in the dirt together. My heart is a puddle!!

Walks with my sweet baby toddler boy!

And two collages from my real camera, but no editing here! Straight out of the camera baby
cause that is all I have time for these days!
First time down the slide by himself! He was SO proud and kept saying "DID it!! DID it!!"

This one of Adrian and my Dad is getting enlarged! I am in love!

Summer haircuts for both boys! Andrew got a buzz but Adrian likes his hair "pikey"!
He was really freaked out about the clippers at first but a sucker saved the day!!

And finally- my happy dance for the weekend! (times THREE more hundreds on other finals!!)
This was the class I had a 79 in and am now up to an 86.5 before the two final test grades are factored in!
Seven more finals. Prayers appreciated!!!

Be watching for an Usborne Pajama Party and book giveaway this FRIDAY!!! 
I'm going to have a post for it with some great ideas for raising a kid that loves to read 
and our cozy little reading spots. If you'd like an invite to the online party where you can win a free book let me know!!! Usborne is pretty snazzy and with summer coming up and roadtrips and plane trips and kiddos bored, you won't want to miss this party to stock up on some great boredom busters!

So tell me- What are your own favorite simple moments you're loving lately?

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  1. Such a feel good post! I love the photos of Adrian on the sliding board. And his big boy haircut - ADORABLE! I definitely agree that it's the little things. I find myself so often just getting lost in a moment with Piper. It could be a silly face she's making, a new word she keeps repeating, the way her little feet take steps now...
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories! The pictures with your dad are so sweet! You and your sons look so much like him!!


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