Bits of Sweetness: We have a graduate!!!

We have a graduate!!!

School's out!! And we officially now have a kindergarten graduate!! I don't know how this is possible since just yesterday he fit in my arms in a 7 pound 8 ounce bundle. I guess I blinked! Don't ever blink, ok? Biggest mistake ever!! 
Last bus ride! *sniff!*

I have to be honest- part of me would keep him this long forever if I could. I don't like change much sometimes and we are in such a sweet phase with him right now. He melts our hearts often with his incredible love for everyone around him and passion for helping others and showing kindness to those in need. He has such a love for Jesus and so often asks people if they know that Jesus loves them. His smile is the best ever! I can't believe we have a six year- old first grader now!! Hold me guys!! Here is a little video clip of his end of year program.

Yeah that is so our boy singing the loudest! I almost cried at every song. Blame it on the hormones. 
Had to get a family snapshot!!

With Adleigh coming in August, we decided to take a year off of the crazy school schedule and do homeschool a year and see how it goes. I am so excited you guys!! I **never** thought I would ever see myself being one of *those* homeschool moms but the more I look into it, the more I find my doubts and misconceptions proven so wrong! Homeschooling today is just so different and can be what works for you. That said, don't take this as looking down on those who choose other education options or feeling a little better about our family choosing this road. I sure don't! I'm just a believer in picking the best education for *your* child, whatever that looks like!! I don't think one option is a one size fits all or better than another. All kids learn different and in different environments! That said- oh boy! First grade here we come!!!!! I really can't wait! We have lots of summer fun planned. Check out my Pinterest boards for some great ideas! 

Happy summer guys!! What are you looking forward to??

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  1. Aw congrats to your son graduating Kindergarten! What an exciting milestone :D Good luck with homeschooling!!


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