Bits of Sweetness: 34 Weeks!

34 Weeks!

Last week's picture. Add one more week on!

I know everyone says it, but it's truly amazing how fast the third pregnancy goes. Like, no joke fast! It's like, one day you are taking the magical test that has two little lines, and the next, you are realizing that you only have 30 some days to go. Just whaaat?!! 

Differences in this pregnancy and the last two?

Not even having the nursery done yet, with just six-ish weeks to go.
And, not being worried about that, because I know she's just going to sleep with us the first six months or so. 

That said, I do have some really sweet ideas.
Like this.
I blame my dad for loving the Beatles so much, 
but then again, I'm not complaining!

I really need to go antiqueing to find some unique things like this.
I love this mobile, but at $47, I might be looking for a cute DIY option

Difference this pregnancy versus the last two:
eating.all.the.treats. and not caring too much. 
(ok. Except I did totally decline a weight check last appointment. Yep.)
I swear Adleigh wants me super squishy and cozy because she has me on a diet of brownies and peanut butter cream cheese frosting (by the spoonful!) Um, yikes. At least it's hot enough to sweat most of it off?

Also? I was really nervous last go-round. Like, almost not wanting little Adrian to come because I just wasn't ready. Not that I didn't love him, but, it is hard to feel like you can open up your heart to another kiddo even if they end up meaning the world to you and you wonder what you ever did before them and they make your heart grow as big as the moon in love. I think partly it was wondering how Andrew would do (but, it was partly me too). Not though? I'm golden. I know there will be challenges, but I can't wait for baby girl to come, and am really not scared about this whole going from two to three deal. I'm crazy. I know. 

I've gained a little more weight than last time, but I'm not worried. I figure having two active boys to keep up with and a nursing babe (well, seeing how things go!) will probably take care of most of it (although, you never know! Each kid is different!)

This time, I am hoping to just take a year off work mostly and keep it really low key. It's hard to cut back on doing photoshoots, but it's amazing how much things have changed from when I started the business 4 1/2 years ago to now with number three on the way, writing this blog more, and being a Stella & Dot Stylist (plus everything else in life!) It means crazy busy sometimes, and I think I just need a year off to recharge and readjust to what my life is like now. Praying though God provides a job for Josh so that can happen! But, at least he's on board with the idea! What is it they say? If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

I still haven't gotten a baby book for her yet. I think I'm going to add it to my shower wish list! (I am the worst at picking one I like! I want it to be special! But then I just never end up picking one! Probably also the reason I have never ordered a photobook for us! Don't ask me how many I've started! One of these days..!) I do want to write more letters to her though. I try to write at least a few letters during the pregnancy to save in a journal. Even if it's just one or two, I feel like it's a sweet thing to capture and save for them later (whether they'll read it or not!)

Mostly, I've just been trying to stay as comfortable as possible. Most days, I'm having to sit and rest a lot because of Braxton Hicks, low blood pressure or this awesome cervical pinching sensation there seems to be no medical term for other than "pregnancy symptoms." I swear it's worse than BH though and some days enough to be almost crippling. So, yep. Rest and lots of baths. (And, somehow trying to not run around after the boys too much picking up everything.)  Why is it I don't enjoy these things when I have to do them?! Ha. Josh has been (mostly) a dear doing more (but then again, it's not always fun having to do so much more, so I totally get the complaining some days from him. He's still mostly a dear though. And, it's not like I really plan when to have these symptoms! Argh!)

Wrapping up this long post :)

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