Bits of Sweetness: Easy ways to make summer cool!

Easy ways to make summer cool!

Two in one baby! Some of our favorite ways (and things on our bucket list!) to make this summer not only fun but a whole lot cooler too! (All images are linked!)

Starting with this great idea to cool kids off and keep them busy! I am making this asap this week and might add in a bunch of different food colors throughout the ice to make it even more fun! This one would be perfect in the tub or pool!

This is on our list tomorrow! We have craft sticks and watermelon. I can't wait!

My toddler would go nuts over this idea. We are getting some jello tomorrow for this week!

I've been on a salad kick lately, but I sometimes want out of the typical salad rut. This is a cool & delicious way to do just that!

I wish I could take credit for this idea. It's ingenious!

But, if you want something easy peasy, head over to your local drug store and get yourself this awesome sprinkler! Dude, it's an elephant with a trunk! You can wind it however you want and adjust the spray depending on how water-loving your kids are. Our boys LOVE it for so many things, including as a car & bike wash! Best $9.99 ever spent!!

This one we made at our MOPS group and it was a bit hit! Super easy- raw sugar + coconut oil + lime juice=amazing scrub!! Use it on your feet for a great exfoliating treat.

I'm saving the best for last here. It's one of my favorite "secret" summer drink recipes. It is so good- blueberry mint limeade. Refreshing and tasty perfection.

Linking up here. Happy Sunday! What cool summer things are on your list (or are favorite things you love?)

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  1. ummmm, that bottle/sprinkler idea is AMAZING!!!! thank you so much for sharing!
    i have to tell steve. he will think it's awesome!

  2. Great ideas! Just what we needed! Featuring you at this weekend's party~! Thanks for linkin up to Sunday FUNday!

  3. Ok so you maybe made my weekend!!! Love you girl! Have fun trying these out!!

  4. You have to!! It would be awesome to do! I'm curious who would have more fun with it!


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