Bits of Sweetness: It's called pregnancy swag!! {36 week bump update!}

It's called pregnancy swag!! {36 week bump update!}

Yep. Pregnancy swag. :)
This third pregnancy thing is anything but glamorous so I'm all for renaming some of these awesome symptoms. Just a warning: this is pretty honest! Consider yourself warned!!

I am wondering why no one tells you that-

You will go through about 3 pads a day. And finding one that is super absorbent yet doesn't scream "pantiliner under here!!" is next to impossible. Almost. I think I may have succeeded at a winner.

On that note, you'll be planning all excursions around the closest bathroom (and the closets one ten minutes after that!) Word of advice: always have a backup plan because if you're like me, your luck will have you finding every.single.bathroom that is closed for cleaning (and, of course guys cleaning all of them so you can't sneak in. Although I may have seriously contemplated it!) Be prepared to break some doors down if you need to!

You will crave all kinds of things you never dreamed you would! No odd combinations here yet, but it's allthesweets. I had this yesterday. 
via the Ice Cream Informant
And peach upside down cake. With whipped cream. It was amazing. Josh made it for me. Sweet guy. 
On the flip side though, I finished my no-sugar challenge and have to say, it is really nice to not be craving as much sugar. I had a plain almond milk + frozen blueberry smoothie yesterday and it was refreshing, cool and just hit the spot. No sugar added. So, little steps. 

What else does no one tell you about?

The cervical pinching. And you thought Braxton Hicks were bad. These stop you dead in your pee-holding steps! Most days these have me really limited. It's just the baby growing and stretching but they hurt and they have no name. 

The nightly discomfort and insomnia. It feels like I have abdominal "heartburn" from the baby growing and stretching my skin out. Just when I find the perfect place at night (ok just kidding. That doesn't happen!) I either have the cervical pinching sensation, Braxton Hicks, heartburny feeling, or finally get a little comfy and have to pee. Ahh such is life!! I am feeling like this is too true these days!
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Also this. 
I feel like there's a contest going on or something up in here!
And this too.
And you know, this too.

I'm pretty much on bedrest if I do so much as move, so I'm thankful there are four(ish) weeks left!

On some plus notes:
//I have the birth center bag packed!!!!!( I don't remember if I already told you that? Oh well :) )
//I am getting lots of rest in. Teaching the hubby how to really keep up the house is no easy feat but I think he's getting it! I mean, don't get me wrong. He is great at doing the dishes (occasionally ;-)) and getting the recycle and trash out but there is so much more to keeping up a house than the bigger jobs. It's incredible how much wiping down and picking up & putting away plus keeping up with the kids goes on in a day!
//I scored some lavender body wash/bubble bath for $5.99 for a huge thing at a local liquidation store. I'm going to have to remember to go there more often because they had some great deals! 
// I know it's bad luck to plan your own baby shower (or so I've heard?) but because I know way too many people and the second shower my friend is throwing will be right when school starts after baby girl comes and a lot of my friends are busy then, I decided to throw myself a little one this weekend. It won't be a lot of friends but I don't mind. I'm a little excited! What are your thoughts on third pregnancy baby showers? I know they're not traditional but I say bring on the merriment! The new baby needs at least diapers and those ain't cheap!!
//Actually downloading some music for our birth playlist. It's not done yet but it's a work in progress! I need some good recommendations though! So far some faves-

All of Me cover by Boyce Avenue

A Thousand Years cover by Boyce Avenue

Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

Incredible Love by Ingrid Michaelson

Bloom by Radiohead 

Sunrise by Nora Jones

What are your favorite songs to help you stay motivated, focused, and calm?

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