Bits of Sweetness: Just a coffee chat

Just a coffee chat

I was going to write up another "weekly digest of awesome" but it's just not coming to me this week guys. Instead, I thought I'd do a little "coffee chat" just for fun, and because it just feels so much with where I am this week- low key, contemplative, happy, but not so much "awesomely inspired & impressed with these things I found." Some days you just need a little bit more mellow. You are welcome to join in on the questions. In fact, please answer some of them in the comments because I love getting to know you friends even more! It's one of my favorite things. I might not have mind-blowingly high blog reader numbers that score great campaigns and help pay the bills, but you know, I am ok with that. Deep down, I really want this blog to be 1)a journal of our life, and 2)a means to have meaningful friendships with people. I'm realizing that I don't need 10,000 readers to do that. I'll take five great friends over that any day, quite honestly!

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Inspired- lately by colorful mismatched things. I think to me they say "cozy and fun." This is one recent favorite.
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Sentimental- at this song. It was the intro song on the old version of "Where the Red Fern Grow."  I can't tell you how many countless times I watched it at my grandparents. It's timeless really. So many memories. I tear up thinking about how time is going to go on and one day, I won't have them with me. For that reason, I think I am putting this one on my birth playlist. (Especially since baby girl is going to have my Grandma's middle name as one of her middle names). I don't know how some simple things do that. For me, so many things do this whether a song, certain food, or outfit- sometimes they just stop me in my steps and bring back a flood of emotions, reminding me of everything bittersweet about it.
Wondering- why I am doing a 7-day no-added sugar challenge. I guess in a way, I'm already taking some baby steps because I have to eat things super low in sugar anyways with the borderline low blood pressure and high risk I have of fainting/blacking out in pregnancy. It's just an extra motivation to not eat things I know I will pay for later! It hasn't been easy, but so far, I've managed to survive a BBQ with s'mores and amazing looking fruit dip. 
Smiling- at the fact that Bloglovin just moved all my old website followers over to my "new" ones (new as in, I've been at for over a year but didn't realize I could simply email them and have them do the switch! Yeehaw!) Little things, huh? :)
Loving- MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers {actually, any agers!}) new "Be You, Bravely" theme. I just received my welcome packet in the mail with tons of goodies, and inspirational book that I am already so inspired by (just at the first chapter!)  Favorite quote so far? "We all need people in our lives that give us permission to be extraordinary." If you are in a rut and need some time with other mamas, please please find a group near you! They usually run September to May. It is a lifesaver twice a month (plus, hey-childcare is included!) You can locate one here.
Confession- It's almost 3 am. I told myself I would go to bed about five hours ago with the hubby. Oops. 
Excited- at my last Stella & Dot payday! I hit some huge personal goals and still can't believe it! Yeah!!

Your turn! Tell me some of your latest thoughts with the prompts!

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  1. Hey Laura! Just stopping by your blog from your comment :) I love it! I will definitely be following along more! I agree with you, it doesn't necessarily matter for me how many followers I have but more about the connections I make with people along the way. I mean I would be lying if I said I didn't care at all about my follower count, but I would rather make meaningful connections with all of my followers and engage them than have 5000 followers who I can't even communicate with. :)

    I also love mismatched home decor, however I'm horrible at finding it!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. It can be so hard sometimes to not feel like numbers are where it's at but I love the friendships more.

    Spray paint is awesome for making your own mismatched decor!

  3. i think my comment got erased. let's try this again.
    hey night owl! ;) i love that you were up until 3 in the morning. i'm actually contemplating a late night. i feel full of energy.
    i'm with ya. numbers mean nothing. friendships mean everything!!
    i love the song you pretty, soft and peaceful!
    i hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!
    thank you for being a sweet friend and an awesome stylist, laura!

  4. Between pregnancy insomnia and somehow feeling wide awake even though I should be sleepy, I should be all set! ;-) Maybe I should do something productive next time (like a bubblebath?!) Thank YOU for being such a sweet friend!!! Love that we can keep up with each other's lives like this!! So fun!


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