Bits of Sweetness: Star Spangled Craft + Some Brace Face memories with Invisalign! #ad

Star Spangled Craft + Some Brace Face memories with Invisalign! #ad

This is a post sponsored by Invisalign, but all thoughts & ideas are my own!

Happy 4th of July!! Today is one of my favorite holidays and I can't wait to share one of our favorite new memories with you! (plus, watch for a giveaway for Invisalign treatment at the end!)

We love holidays around here, and celebrating them is awesome, but let's be honest- sometimes it takes a lot of work with busy kids to pull off the fun memories (more than I always want to do)! The memories are so fun and I don't want our kids to completely miss out on them, so I came up with a fun, easy patriotic craft that your kids will love putting together and is easy for you! (I'd call that a win/win!) 

First, gather your materials (and kids!)
Andrew loved putting it together and using double stick tape instead of regular school glue made it super easy and non-messy! (And, If your kids like it really really easy, just stick entire strips of tissue paper onto the stripes of the flag like Andrew did at the end! I guess he wanted his own take on it!!)

Another one of my favorite things about the Fourth of July is all the yummy snacks. Our local town has this amazing 4th of July festival (oldest in the state actually!) complete with a grand parade, rodeo, carnival and wood carving! Along with that are tons of great treats. I don't know what it is about holidays, but the food brings back such a nostalgia to me- perfectly crispy fried corndogs, curly fries, and my favorite- kettle corn! 

Rewind thirteen years ago though and my Fourth of July had so many of my favorite things off the list- no kettle corn, licorice, or chipped ice to chew on! You know why? Braces! I sure rocked some awesome rubber band colors (red, white & blue on silver baby!) but I have to admit- it was no fun missing out on the treats with the special day!

My 13th Birthday!

I've known about Invisalign for years, but I just found out they have new aligners that are available for teens! I am so thankful to have straight teeth now (apparently seven years of thumb-sucking will give you a great overbite. Oops.) but, I have to admit- if I could do it all over again, I'd pick Invisalign Teen in a heartbeat! Here's why:

*the cost is very comparable to braces (especially if you don't wear your retainer and need to go back for treatment later)
*confidence doesn't have to suffer because of awkward metal mouth and the "brace face" nickname is a thing of the past!
*no treats are off the list because you can easily remove them to eat
*no more awkward closed mouth-covering-up-braces photos (I am so guilty of that!)
*no visits needed for broken wires, adjustments, appliances (anyone else a Herbst appliance survivor?), headgear or any of that mess! (I actually had to have everything metal in my mouth taken out at one point because my mouth got infected. NOT FUN!! And then it all got to go back in :( )
*sports and any wind instruments are no longer a problem or concern
*six free replacement aligners are included with treatment! (Although, it's been proven in studies that teens wear the aligners the recommended time! Must mean they work!)
You can see more on how Invisalign works & get a free smile assessment here:

Just to note: Not all orthodontists offer Invisalign Teen, so check out and select "find a doctor" to locate one in your area!

Check out the difference!

I recently got to go check out the latest technology and aligners Invisalign has. I found out not only do they have the Invisalign Teen line, but they also have a brand new way to get teeth impressions done digitally. It's awesome. It also means- no more nasty impression trays and gel and junk to have crammed in your mouth! (my mouth is tiny too so it always stunk so get impressions done!! Gag me why don't you!) They can simply scan it now! Check it out!

I asked Andrew which he would rather have- braces or Invisalign and he was quick to show me which one!

Invisalign is actually giving away free treatment right now! Enter below using the Rafflecopter!

Happy 4th of July!! What are your favorite treats??

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  1. Great little craft! I'll have to try that with my boys!

  2. I'm not very crafty but I love thinking up ideas that are doable and not too hard but look cute too!

  3. It's a fun hands on one! I'd love to see how yours turns out!

  4. Great craft... and, what a fun giveaway opportunity. Thank you!


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