Bits of Sweetness: Trashcan footprints

Trashcan footprints

Yeah. For reals. Trash can footprints. See?!

I cleaned some dirty smudges off the trash can last night, only to be puzzled at how- what?! there they were again this morning. And then it clicked- they were footprints and that was how Andrew had been getting the candy that Adrian had this morning from in my new inside-the-mixing-bowl-on-top-of-the-fridge hiding spot. Guess I need a new hiding spot now, huh?!

You might have a strong-willed kiddo on your hands if not even the thought of losing a brand new toy (or the danger involved?!) deters them from standing on top of the trash can to reach the candy. On the other hand, l am sure loving all the cleaning he is doing for me as a result of his little trash can footprint shenanigans!! 
This one is going in his scrapbook! :)

What have your kids been up to lately?! What do you have to hide from them?!
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  1. Just imagine all the beautiful wall art you could have at your house right now!! ;) Reminds me of the scene from Mom's Night Out!!


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