Bits of Sweetness: Weekly digest of **awesome!!**

Weekly digest of **awesome!!**

I'm so awesome that I just found snickerdoodle crumbs in my shirt. Yum? :)
But hey- If you've never had fresh-baked farmer's market snickerdoodles, you, my friend, are missing out!

Favorite things this week:

This huge awesome list of free printable wall art!! You could order any of these as a print and either modge podge to canvas or frame them! And, cheap diy frame idea? Hit up the thrift store, get some spray paint and knock yourself out! I want to get some gold glittery spray paint just because it'd be fun!
I really want to create a nursery space, but we are on a budget and as much as I love premade art, I'll take saving a few dollars over that any day! This is one of my favorites. Free printable that you get to color!
via Tried & True Blog 
Speaking of the Farmer's Market, have you seen this?

Good challenge there! It really wouldn't be so hard and there are quite a few shops I'd love to spend a little money at! I know a lot of times I feel like I'd like to make a difference but just don't know where to! It's a good reminder that we really don't need to look farther than our own town and neighborhood with where to start! I can tell you personally as a photography business owner, ever $100 really truly does make a difference! Keep up the good work guys :)

In other news, Seattle made several headlines (including in the UK!) from a guy who thought a lighter and spray paint would be a pretty good way to deal with a spider! Check out what happened here!! 

These delicious, refreshing bars.
No coconut pieces in them, and they just hit the spot!
(Going to grab one as we speak!)
What is keeping you cool this summer? Our temps are finally looking like they might start dropping a little (yay!!) Looks like baby girl might follow suit? We'll see!!

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