Bits of Sweetness: Easy Summer Ideas: Bubbly Carwash!

Easy Summer Ideas: Bubbly Carwash!

I have a secret. A fun secret that means hours of summer play.

You want to know what it is?? Good! :)

The other day I was trying to think of something for our boys to do, that wouldn't equal an hour of prep time and about five minutes of play. Actually scratch that because on a good day, they usually last about two minutes before someone is crying, or something is broken, or they are running around the house partying nakie, throwing handfuls of confetti all over! Like forget you Pinterest! We have our own ideas of how that pretty collage is going to turn out! Today though, I was determined, because hello summer. Hello hot house. Hello 100 million times hearing "but what can I do?!?! NOOOO not that!!!! That is SO BORING! I am BORED! What can I do?!"

So enter solution. It is so simple too. Want to know my secret? Bubblebath + cars. I mean, it's quite ingenious really. (It's awesome for pools especially because the bubbles don't dissipate as quickly!) They get clean, they get to have awesome fun with bubbles and you get to win cool parent points because for some reason, bubbles in the water OUTSIDE are like magic. Our pool is buried somewhere in our garage, so the sprinkler it was today! The boys sure had fun! Here's proof!

  Nice and clean!!

Who else survived drinking out of the sprinkler as a kid?! I sure did! 
Just passing it on to my kids guys ;-) 
 Can you see my feet smiling?! They sure are!!!

 Sweet moment with my sweet oldest!

So there you have it guys. My secret solution to summer boredom! What tricks are you pulling out of your sleeve this summer?!

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