Bits of Sweetness: Just a chocolate chip cookie kind of day

Just a chocolate chip cookie kind of day

I don't know about you but I'm ready for some double double chocolate chip cookies after today. It was just one of those days.

The kind where the laundry gets restarted again and there is always, always more to put away.
The kind where the almost-2-year-old is convinced his sister's size one diapers will fit him because they have Elmo on them!!!

The kind where it's payday (yay!!!) But welcome to being an adult and getting to do exciting things like buy new tires and now you're checking when the next payday is. Hooray!!!

Today was the kind of day that found me sighing at all the random toys strewn across the house. I think I counted thirty at least.

Today was the kind of day we didn't see any of Daddy because of working both jobs. 

But, today was not all bad. I got to spend today with my three sweet blessings. They fill my days with laughter in-between the cereal bowls getting spilled all over and little tiffs between brothers. I got to listen to sweet baby girl's contented little noises while eating (and, I give a huge sigh of relief that nursing is going so well. I was still in so much pain and battling mastitis at this point with Adrian.)

Today found Adrian sneaking in snuggles with Adleigh. He adores her.

Today found me soaking in newborn wonder and snuggles with a girl that just doesn't want to be put down long.

This article (and new favorite blog. I could read it for hours) sums up my days so well. It's what I want to remember and think of each day. Not the laundry not done or the dishes piled up but this- "That’s where I want to land at 8:00pm every day, assessing it by what we learned and how often we laughed and the new words we heard. "

These are my blessings. May I love them all the more and enjoy this season of life home with them no matter how long or short it is.

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  1. happy tuesday, laura! oh, how i loved this post. i am in total agreement with you...all the little messes and mishaps never really seem to matter when you look into the eyes of your children.
    i'm so happy nursing is going well! these photos are beautiful and so real, just like you!


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