Bits of Sweetness: (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Going from two to THREE stinking cute kids!

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Going from two to THREE stinking cute kids!

Here's what we've been up to lately in pictures!!!

Meet: Most adorable office assistants ever!

They were "helping" me finish up these dreamy wedding photos that I almost finished before, oh, I don't know, a sweet little baby girl happened to come and interrupt! (Best interruption ever though, right?!)

Adleigh is inducing many tears. You guys, she is only a week old and already copy catting her brothers in the holding-head-up department! Make it stop already!!!

Other things we've been doing:
Kids Zumba. 

I am SO proud of this boy!! He's never done Zumba before and didn't know anyone there, yet jumped right in and had so much fun. This was just a free event put on by the local community center for the summer, but they're talking about starting it up regularly in our little town for kids. I'm thinking we just might sign him up! I mean, the kids only get about half the moves and are pretty much just jumping around the other time to songs like "The Hamster Dance" and cooling down to "Do you want to build a snowman?" but it is stinking cute!!

Annual church picnic/horseshoe competition
They were watching a guy flying huge RC planes, which Adrian just happens to love right now. 

Snuggles with Grandpa
Isn't my dad just about the cutest Grandpa ever?!?! The boys call him "Papa." I think he was made for being a Grandpa! And now he has a *Grandaughter* to love!!

Someone turned a week old.
Say what?!?!

Josh went back to one of his jobs yesterday.
The five hours he was gone went something like this.

Doing a lot of laughing here lately because, well, hair-pulling just hurts too much.

Things I'm not even going to apologize for but could:
-the state of boxes everywhere because organization with three kids? Good one! :) I swear they are on a mission to make me as unorganized as possible!
-most of the pictures being from my phone. Actually all. One of these days I will have a camera that is wi-fi enabled. I looked into an iPhone or Galaxy 4 or 5 but geez louise. I guess the latest thing for our carrier is awesome plans but paying FULL PRICE on the phone in monthly payments. The full price on all these cool phones, even the older ones like the Galaxy 4 is $500-$700. Sorry phone carrier but at that point, I'd rather just get a camera!! We love our carrier otherwise though (hello $10 unlimited data!!) so, I think I will just pay off my phone and sell to get a cheaper older one at some point. But camera. I have this one on my wish list! Isn't it pretty?!

Lastly: I just discovered this. You really need the Target Red Debit Card if you don't have one!
Hello saving money on my brother's Navy grad gift!!! (Itunes gift card for The Room game. Seriously awesome game by the way!!!! You need to get it!! Find it here! ) And: We are SO EXCITED that he finally finished!! (Not his fault! The plant kept breaking down!!) And will be visiting for a month before heading to his station!!! (thankfully stateside and closer than NY!)

Wrapping it up for now :)
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  1. What very precious moments, Papa is really cute! Hope you can stop by and share your post.

  2. He just is!!! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. oh these sweet babies of yours. She is so precious and beautiful. Also, kids zumba seriously sounds fun! would love to take noah to something like that!

  4. It was through our local library of all things!! It was so perfect for him!! I find there are a ton of things posted at the library that i never would have known about before!!! You can look on the main Zumba website and see if there are any Zumba Kids groups near you! Ahh I love our babies! They just need to stay babies!! I'm soaking in every moment though right now!! Thank you friend!

  5. Very nice photos of you and your family! Love the smiles! Everyone (the young ones and the young at heart) are so adorable =) #ww

  6. Thank you!! Sometimes I wish I pulled out my big camera more, but then I am just glad to have these memories captured!!

  7. Thank you Maria!! You are so incredibly sweet!!! I am snuggling our sweet girl and watching Hart of Dixie. I can't believe how much our boys love her


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