Bits of Sweetness: Our FREE little yellow, grey & gold nursery + how to make beautiful wall art! {Free download!!}

Our FREE little yellow, grey & gold nursery + how to make beautiful wall art! {Free download!!}

If you find me smiling today, it's because I just made this print for baby girl's nursery!

Oh this makes it seem so much more real!!! I was so excited to get her little nursery going! But these days, I'm not going very far, (and neither is our money!) so insert a little creativity! I wanted something with her name and a sweet quote. I found some really cute ones on Pinterest and decided this was pretty perfect! 

One of my favorite sites for creating art or for basic photo editing is Picmonkey. (It's free too!)
There are lots of great fonts and shapes and edits. If you don't have Photoshop, this is a great basic tool!

To get started, go to and create a new collage
Choose the photo(s) you'd like to use! If you're not using a photo, select one anyways to get the collage option to open. Once in collage, set the size of print you are wanting to make. 
Here is a helpful little cheat sheet for you to get you started! (Be sure the lock symbol is not turned on so it doesn't try to keep even proportions when you put the dimensions in!)

After you have your size selected, figure out the layout you'd like, add color or pattern swatches, and photos if you'd like one, then select "edit" to open in the editor and add text. You can add different borders or just leave it as is. 

And now a freebie for you- I am including the print I just made for you to download (with the space blank for you to add a name or photo) Just right-click and save! I also included one that has the words in the white space if you like the design better that way. 

There are chalkboard backgrounds in Picmonkey right now, so if you have been wanting chalkboard art but don't want to splurge on it, there is your answer right there!

One little thing for our nursery- we are on a budget right now so it needed to cost $0. Yes. Tall order I know!! If $10 had been the budget though, I totally could have pulled that off too though. You just need some creativity! Here are some closeups!

My favorite thing of all- a mobile I made with a wreath from the dollar store, ribbons, 
and buttons my Grandma gave to me a while ago!

It's not perfectly done diy art, but I still love it! I reused a picture frame someone gave me!

Free printables I found online, printed on cardstock and hung up with twine.

Magazine letter art is fun! I just found out you can download free printable magazine-style letters!

If you are in the market for an inexpensive nursery, or are designing a room, here are my favorite spots to score deals and ways to save money-

* Swap Buy Sites on Facebook for free items
* Posting asking if any friends have one you can use
* Free section on Craigslist
* Freecycle
* Hitting up garage sales at the very end of the day
* Thrift stores whose proceeds benefit the community. They are usually very inexpensive!!
* Habitat for Humanity's Re-store
* Liquidation stores
* Dollar Store (great place for picture frames & craft supplies!)
* Half off coupons for stores like Michaels
* Free printables
* Reusing things we already have
* Thrift stores during the week when they run 1/2 price sales on items
* The clearance/damaged section of stores. 

Now we just need sweet baby girl to come!!! I am so looking forward to laying her down in her sweet little nook. Maybe those 2 and 3 and 4 am feedings won't be so bad?

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