Bits of Sweetness: The day she didn't come

The day she didn't come

Two more days and I'll be at 39 weeks. Pretty amazing to have made it so far! A friend who was due a month behind me lost their sweet wee one at five months. It really made me think about how much we take for granted. My deepest hugs go to you if you've ever been through that! 

I had a midwife checkup Wednesday and really really thought she was going to come! I'd been having contractions in longer stretches all night and morning long. It was getting intense enough I had Josh call in. We got the birth center bag all ready, boys all packed and plans made for them to go stay with friends at least during my appointment mid- morning. And then.. They died down completely. *insert super grumpy face.* My appointment went well and at least I'm at 3cm already but.. So disappointing! 

Josh and I took advantage of having a little time since Adrian needed a nap anyways. We stopped by a consignment shop and found a beautiful ring sling and postpartum support!! And I left with $7 credit!
I am having fun imagining snuggling our sweet girl in the sling!!

Next stop was to check out a neat local market that just opened. We have a thing for finding fun sodas and they sure had a lot! We didn't get any this time but have a lot on our wish list now!
All the wood is reclaimed local wood!
It has so much local charm and coffee & ice cream too!

Contractions started up again and I thought might go somewhere but, alas, no luck :( Our boys sure had fun at our friends and it was a good test run for Adrian. I'm surprised he played in the pool because he can be a little nervous around water, but he really loved it this time. You just never know with toddlers!! I am so thankful for the wonderful village of people we have to love on our kiddos!

On one hand, I really wish our baby girl was here to hold, but on another, I am thankful for more time to finish up this sweet wedding! More snuggle time later.
Daddy daughter moment before walking down the aisle.

So for now, I guess I'm ok with waiting. The hormones and insomnia are in full swing and some days I feel like I took a post-breakup-sad pill or something. Ha! Thankfully Josh has down not to tell me to "just stop!" (Um worst advice ever huh?!)

And on another note- I guess it's good I wasn't actually in labor. We grabbed everything except MY birth bag! Um, oops?!?! We both assumed the other got it >.<  Happy weekend friends. What are you looking forward to? Any funny forgetting  stories?

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