Bits of Sweetness: Things I've Learned This Week: Boys can make anything smell like pee!

Things I've Learned This Week: Boys can make anything smell like pee!

The toddler has decided (screamingly,most days, insisting!) that potty training starts NOW! I'm not complaining!! It's just that, he usually screamingly insists on this after he needs changed and usually tries to wiggle his way out of a change since in his mind, he must sit on the potty NOW before he is changed. No matter the mess would get all over, right? (Ahh don't you love toddler logic?!) Most days he finally agrees
to at least 15.2 seconds to get him cleaned up before running off to the "poooo-teee!" So far, it's hit or miss with the trying. Most days, a miss. Did you know boys have this incredible capability of making the bathroom smell like pee? Two hours after letting Adrian sit several times and I was pulling out my cleaner to make it smell a little better. Hold me?? At least he's cute trying!! And, I guess that officially makes me a boy mom? Crown me now...! And please hand over allthelavenderoil to make it smell better!!
Cheesy to the macncheesy here!

Other things I've learned this week? People have the most not helpful things to say right when you're due. You could give me all the uncalled for belly touchings and I really would not care. It's going to happen, and there are more annoying things in the world. But the comments? I'm not sure when "oh you are so huge" was ever a complement?? Or, the attempt to sympathize with their own story of how they either went earlier than your or way later than you. Thank you but this helps me how?? I know, I know. People just want to say, "I've been there too! I feel for you" but I've come to decide, really in most situations, the most "helpful" words we can are either an action, like "I'm here for you! Let me know when I can bring you a meal/give you a break" etc or else just sympathizing and leaving it at that, even if there is no resolve to the situation (like, no labor in sight.) I promise, it sounds so much nicer to hear, "You know, that is really frustrating! I'm sorry!" instead of some trite sweet conclusive remark like, "But she'll come at the perfect time!" (Sure doesn't feel so perfect right now, that is all!") I think part of this might have to do with human nature and fixing things, but sometimes, the "fixing" doesn't feel so helpful when there actually isn't a resolution quite yet.  I'm taking note for the next time a friend is in a tough situation and I don't know what to say. Just being there and acknowledging their predicament and feelings ends up feeling so much better than trying to "fix" it. 

Other things this week: Facebook messenger. There is a ton of hype about all these crazy permissions it's asking for, but I promise it's not as bad as you think!! Check out this article!

Also: Kids are funny. It's even funnier when adults do things that kids do allthetime that would never work! The video  of several top ones made my day. 

I'm learning that: Although I don't wear a lot of jewelry, Stella & Dot just came out with their fall line and I already have quite a few favorites. There are a lot under $40 that are so pretty and, it just makes style simple! I don't have much time as a mom to make style happen, but any of these make it easy to do beautiful. Some of my favorites-
You can find more here!

This is one of their new fall pieces. I love it- it's reversible! And stretchy. And so.sparkly!
Stella & Dot link here

What are your weekend plans? There's a free safety fair near us that we might go to with a helicopter fly in, free bouncy house and food & drinks! Other than that, just seeing what little Adleigh has in mind!

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  1. i love the title of this post, and adrian's BIG, cheesy grin!
    i laughed at how boys make everything smell like pee! piper has learned "pee pee" and she says it sometimes 424 times in a row. lol.
    i'm with ya on the unnecessary comments - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all, right?!
    i love all of your fall favorite picks! was just checking out the summer sale! i'm in need of a laptop case, and i love the ones on sale!!


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