Bits of Sweetness: The Perfect Postpartum Kit

The Perfect Postpartum Kit

Huge thanks to Poise for sponsoring today's discussion!

Two months ago, I thought I had the perfect list for a friend of some postpartum lifesavers! Boy was I sure wrong! It's amazing how much you forget in two years from one baby to the next. I asked one of my friends, "Why doesn't anyone tell you these things?!!" We both realized it's because you're too exhausted in the middle of it all to even think of writing it down, and like I discovered, two years later you try to and miss half the list!

My dear friend just had her sweet baby boy, and I sent a care package of some of my favorites to help recovery move along smoothly, including a better list of postpartum favorites. These are must-haves you guys! They really make a big difference.

1:: Encouraging verses or quote :: These aren't handy just for labor! Those almost hourly newborn feedings can be brutal! Having something peaceful and inspiring to meditate on is a 3 am necessity!
2:: Tea :: Now, if you're like me, I don't need lactation help until about 6 weeks postpartum when the feedings are evening out a little more. In the beginning, chamomile or peppermint can help to slow down the over-abundance. After a few weeks though, Mother's Milk Tea is my go-to every morning!
3:: Poise Microliners :: I honestly forgot how much I needed these! (Can you say left off the list?!) I guess I forgot that LBL can be an issue even weeks after birth.  The first few days, the huge hospital grade ones save the day, but if it's weeks after and you're still having little surprises after every sneeze and cough, try these! (You can get a free sample kit here. I got mine!)
4:: Nursing ointment :: One of the things no one tells you is how sticky colostrum is! Unless you love clothes sticking to you and peeling them off painfully, nursing ointment is your friend. I made a really inexpensive recipe I'll be sharing soon! It made a bunch and I love that I'm saving money. It also doubles for diaper ointment so double win!
5:: Essential oils :: These are a new discovery but we use them on a daily basis now! I was thrilled to find this local Seattle company that is family-owned and operated. They have great prices and quality organic oils. I love that they are completely safe to use on baby's skin (super important!). One of my most-used ones in postpartum healing is their eucalyptus oil. It's amazing added to lotion and used for a back massage. (It's also on sale right now! Plus free shipping? Score!) Lavender is another favorite with the scent (my absolute favorite!) and for how calming and healing it is. 

I wish I could go back in time now and send some of these to myself in the past! But, I'm thankful to have them to use now! What were (or are!) some of your postpartum favorites? Has it surprised you how much you've forgotten between then and now? I'm glad I had an excuse to write it down for our own sweet girl years down the road!

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  1. Such a great kit! I wish someone did this for me when I had my boys!!

  2. Seriously!!! It was special to do it for my friend!! I wish I could give it to myself the last two times but so thankful to have some of these things this time around! it helped a lot!


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