Bits of Sweetness: Two!!!


Aaand we have a two year old! (Aaand this is almost a month belated! Welcome to life with three kids!) I don't know why I haven't done birthday pictures with favorites like this before. It's fun!

Two has been really fun (minus some serious molar teething! But then we just get sweet snuggles). Sometimes that may or may not be slightly sarcastic ;-) It seems like inevitably the hard teething hits right when Andrew is being curious and energetic and Adleigh needs fed. For the most part though, we are loving the fact that he can tell us what he needs (once he has it figured out ;-) Some days it's anyone's guess!) and all the love he has. It almost can't be contained. Pictures were pretty funny. He kept trying to kick the balloons all over instead! But, yay for fast shutter that can capture a toddler in the .02 seconds he is actually sitting. :) He is loving his Freshly Picked Moccs. He calls them "foccasins." It's pretty cute! It's amazing how much personality God fit into one little person! 

He just moved up to the preschool room at our MOPS mom's group and up to the older toddler room at church! He loves being with his friends and his cheerful friendly personality is just so neat to see!

His favorite game is,"Sa(ve) meee!!!" where he throws himself across our ottoman, needing "rescued". He sure loves his family, giving us lots of hugs and love. He has to give Daddy kisses before work and then waves goodbye.

We kept his party simple this year, doing a picnic with friends at his favorite park. He didn't quite know what to think about being sung to! But LOVED the presents! And of course the cupcakes!It was so perfect for him!

my attempt at minion cupcakes! Just use mini marshmallows!

Happy Birthday Adrian!

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