Bits of Sweetness: You're Doing OK

You're Doing OK

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Dear one,

You're doing OK. I know it feels like everything might be falling apart some moments, and in some ways it might, but it's going to be alright. You aren't a terrible soul for feeling like you just aren't holding it together every second. Can I tell you something? You are amazing. You are strong. You aren't perfect but that is ok! Your life is an incredibly beautiful one. You have so much purpose and meaning. 

It's been a rough morning but the sun always comes out later. Maybe you've spent the day trying to find purpose in those darn crumbs that keep reproducing all over the sticky floor. (Didn't you just clean it yesterday?!) Maybe you feel like such a failure because you pretty much lost it emotionally with those you love. Again.  Maybe you just can't be successful where you seriously had it down (or thought you did.) Maybe those way-too-early mornings just keep coming. And coming. And coming again. To you- I have nothing but lots of hugs, lots of love, a smile, and hope that it gets better. It really does. Don't decide how much you matter from the crummy moments of life. I don't have a sweet trite anecdote to make it all better. I happen to believe that we need each other's weak moments to grow, and to find true beauty in the messy moments. It's where community happens, and love is poured out. After all, if we only showed each other the chipper, "oh fine!" every single day, where would the chance come to get each other's shoulders soaking wet from the real tears held back? We need each other. And we sure need more real and honest.
You never know what's behind someone's smile! 
Take the time to be the one who listens for what is beyond just the "fine" 
and a shoulder to cry on or vent to if it isn't just "fine." 
Relationships are so much more beautiful when you have that!

Dear one- it's ok. You are pretty awesome. Smile a little, ok?! It might be hard in this moment of life right now, but there are pretty moments everywhere you look. Here's at least one smile for your day!
(And also? Give yourself permission to smile! To laugh. (even when you don't want to.) To give yourself some credit. To do something wild. To give yourself a break. Go. Do it!) 

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  1. I so, so, soooooooo needed this, this morning. Thanks!

  2. I am so glad to be some encouragement for you!! Hugs!!


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