Bits of Sweetness: Cozy is...

Cozy is...

:: That perfect cup of tea (Favorite is decaf Constant Comment. We have about ten different tea boxes on our stove though!I love it!) I have a thing for pretty or meaningful mugs. This one I made this one for Josh is often used!
:: Digging up cozy moccasins (LOVE these Bear Paw ones! I have some navy blue ones and adore them but I love the pretty bright color here!)
:: A good book. I have a "fun" one on my list from a friend at church to read, but first I promised Josh I'd read one of his books. I am about two pages in.
:: Big, warm blankets. I make a point of having super soft big ones around. I want our kids to remember home as a cozy, happy place. To me, a warm blanket just goes with that!
:: Messaging a good friend while cozy in bed. I love a chance to just curl up under the covers and enjoy a little downtime. It's even better yet catching up with a friend.
:: Warm toes. I am more and more like my mom here. If my feet aren't warm, I just can't get comfortable! This is the time of year I wear fuzzy socks with everything! The day is just better with them!

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  1. Laura,

    Thank you for linking up with us this week! And a big "YES!" to everything on your cozy list :)

    Especially the blankets. Even when it is hot, I have a hard time unwinding without a soft blanket. It's like I'm a baby or something haha.

    Also, isn't it strange how we become more and more like our moms as we age?

    I hope to see you again next week! I'm a new follower :)

  2. Yay, Laura, thanks for linking up! :) I love that mug you are holding in the picture, I need one of those in my life. And I love this list! Good books and warm blankets are so deliciously cozy for me, I totally agree with you.

  3. Hi there! checking out your post from the WODW link up! amen to the big warm blankets and fuzzy slippers. It's mandatory coziness supplies!

  4. Totally agree with you on messaging a close friend while comfy. It gives me a nice way to end my day :)

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