Bits of Sweetness: Grateful For.. (TIGF!)

Grateful For.. (TIGF!)

Absolutely love this take on TGIF!- Things I'm Grateful For. 

Today, I'm thankful that:

::baby girl has been putting herself to sleep on her own. Don't get me wrong-I absolutely adore the snuggles! But, it's nice to sometimes get a break in there! I still get hours a day to hold her and love  on her.

::making it to our church's Bible study last night. It has really been way too long. (So long I couldn't tell you the name of the book!) It was nice to have some time with everyone and share insights on Philippians 2-3. 

::I thought of the idea of finding a small indoor trampoline for the boys. Our place is pretty small and with only a paved area out front, (and no backyard) plus rain and drizzle for so much of the year, it can be a challenge to not lose my patience with their couch climbing and jumping all over the place. I'm hoping this will help. (Plus hello cool mom points? What kid wouldn't love a trampoline in their room?!) Here's to praying that the discounted one I found is still available!! It was going to be a Christmas present this year but forget that! Christmas is still 2 1/2 months away and our rainy fall is already here!
::choosing to love the life I have right now rather than choosing stress over my shortcomings and things I wish were different. I so easily forget that the greener grass still has weeds that need trimmed and it just doesn't solve all the problems and mean bliss like I think it will (whether that look like more money, bigger place, etc)
::photoshoots this month. It means a little extra money and it lets me be at home with the kids. We are in a season of life of saying "no" to a lot. Sometimes that is hard! But, I am thankful for a lesson in contentment. It will be nice once I'm back to working a regular job and we have more to pay off bills faster and have money to do things like bigger vacations and upgrading cars and so on, but for now, I'll take what we have. Sometimes less really is more.
::Kid Snippets on Youtube. Um. These are hilarious. I warned you. 
Here is one of my favorites. The Proposal

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  1. Okay the kid snippet thing too cute. I love the good soup bit, heh!

    We haven't been to church in so long, I'm hoping to get back soon, once the next two weeks of being out of town are over with.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. There are so many funny Kid Snippets! Basketball class is hilarious.


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