Bits of Sweetness: I'm enough. (Guest post)

I'm enough. (Guest post)

Just being honest for a moment, I struggle so often with feeling like I just am not enough and can't shake the idea that my failures define me. I'm just not.. enough. Throughout any given day, it's so easy to see the things that are probably the result of not being enough in an area, failure then rearing its little head. Crumbs all over the floor. Sticky spots all over the table. Toys strewn about everywhere. A voicemail I still haven't listened to, days later. Laundry all over, not yet in the right spot. Lack of organization. I wish I was better. I wish I could just nail down this housecleaning gig and beenough. A better friend and mama and wife too. 

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  1. Your post yesterday rocked me. I took time to just be me yesterday. Today I'm embracing with super huge inner hugs the me that screams to be heard. Thank you. My readers thank you.


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