Bits of Sweetness: Stumbling Into Grace Book Review (Lisa Harper)

Stumbling Into Grace Book Review (Lisa Harper)

Thanks to BookLook for providing the book to review for this post! All thoughts are my own though!

I love a book that feels like an old friend.  Those friendships are my favorite. They're the kind that remind me of the perfect cup of warm pumpkin chai- always just right and adding fun spice to your life. The tagline made me chuckle because it is so me- "Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman. Like I said, totally me. Stumbling Into Grace was a sweet read.

Author Lisa Harper challenges the reader to embrace the things that might seem a little bit scary, even if that looks messy! (Hint: it's ok!) . I can think of a couple right now for myself: facing a day that starts off with a looming pile of dishes and toddler cries and a shirt covered in spit-up with a smile rather than a frustrated scowl even though once again, my day is ruined before 9 a.m. My day. Lisa really challenged some thoughts I like to try and hold onto! Honestly, it's not my day to try and control. Good reminder to let that go!

One of my favorite quotes in the book: "There is nothing more ugly than a Christian orthodoxy without understanding or without compassion." - Francis Schaeffer

Between her humorous tales of slaying snakes and the hope she discovers and shares with a passion, I'd say this was a winner of a book. Definitely one I'd read again.

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