Bits of Sweetness: Hey Monday Hey

Hey Monday Hey

Just a smile to add to your Monday because I know it can be a little brutal, and the weekend so
 rarely feels long enough!

Today, I'm reminding myself to be thankful for-

our babes' sweet curiosity, independence, and love of any form of chocolate (ha!)

Three months with this sweet girl. It just keeps going by faster and faster. We are sure enjoying each day!

This city being so close now. Photoshoot at Gasworks + day with a friend = perfection!
I really don't like the drive but I think sometimes the memories are worth it. 
(Just not so much the 20-30 lane changes involved! Ugh!)

Having photo work. This is an edit from today's work. Super fun senior session I pulled off in about 20 minutes! I promised her I wouldn't post anything too much of a giveaway, so this is all I got for you :) We were just able to get a nanny to watch the kids so I can have some uninterrupted time to work on pictures. It's funny how just a few hours a week can make such a big difference, but it has been a huge help. I am thankful I can help out our family doing something I love, and not have to stress any more about when the work time would be (inevitably, the kids always need me the most the times I plan on work happening!) Somehow, the idea of a work at home mom is great but the reality can be a little tricky to balance without being up until 1 am every morning! 

Throwback: Little me (15 months ish)

I'm thankful for the things that make me, well, me. I was born with a hemangioma and am so thankful my parents never had surgery done on it. It was a cool part of who I am. It's almost completely faded now, but the indent is still there. Does it sound silly to say that I'm a little sad it's almost gone? I am though. I am glad we have pictures for our kids to help show them that they can be proud of who God made them to be, imperfect as it might sometimes seem. 

my sweet friend Kristine. Check out how she styled this beautiful Stella & Dot scarf! 
Check out her blog for more deets on how to do it.
The scarf pictured is this beautiful one!

Hugs & coffee.

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  1. Love all the smiley pics! But especially love the senior portrait sneak peek! That could totally be a teaser for a pregnancy announcement:)
    Love you friend!!!!!!!!!!!


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