Bits of Sweetness: Some nights I stay up...

Some nights I stay up...

cashing in my bad luck...

or just up with this sweet boy who had really scary breathing Saturday night.
He was pretty thrilled with all eight paramedics who came over to check him out (and recommended going to the ER right away.)

Nothing gets a mama's heart racing faster than to see her baby struggling like that! It might just be croup but it is incredibly terrifying to be watching every single breath wondering if they are going to be ok.

I am incredibly thankful that the doctor on duty was a parent. It just makes a difference with how you feel about bringing your child in; a parent vibe or something that is there. (I'll never forget the time I brought Andrew in with a fever of 103 and an awful rash all over his body. He was delusional. And the triage nurse had the nerve to reprimand me for being out of tylenol cause wouldn't you know it, all good parents have Tylenol on hand? Thank you captain obvious, but not on my mind right at the moment! Of course we had just run out! But not helping!) 

Adrian is doing so much better now! Definitely on the mend but yikes! I hope we don't have to go through that again. 

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  1. That is so scary!!! I'm so not good in those types of situations - my hubby is the one who keeps calm and rational lol. So glad that he is on the mend. Hugs!


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