Bits of Sweetness: When Facebook *BLOCKS* your page!

When Facebook *BLOCKS* your page!

Two days ago, I noticed something really weird- my photography page had completely disappeared. I put in the url but it just looped me back to my Facebook home. Weird. Looking around some more I started to get this sinking feeling. Why couldn't I get to my page?? What was going on?!!?! Thinking back to a week ago, I realized that I might be blocked out from my own page as a result of violating Facebook's ad terms. Seriously. They blocked me for a photo ad. The offending post? This. The reason? It had too much text.
You read that right. Facebook blocked me from my own page for a simple boo boo. Offensive content? No. Provocative images? Hardly. It took me years to build my page and Facebook is my main source of marketing. This wasn't just some little "oh oops we'll just start over" dealio. This was a big blow to my photo business that is a lot of income for our family, allowing me to stay home. It would be no different than going to your physical business to find it completely gone. What to do next?! Here's what I did. Since Facebook has no customer service number, and their main feature to get help is to report the issue from the place you are having the issue (um, can't quite report a page you're blocked from when you can't access that page!?) I reported that my page had been hacked (by Facebook) to Facebook.I call that upping the ante a little. Two can play at this game after all, Facebook! An hour later my page was back up. It could have just been a technical glitch but a little odd that I was blocked from my own page. I hope I don't have to deal with it again, but thought I would post about it to give anyone who has a Facebook page a heads up. I gained a few likes from the whole ordeal so I guess it wasn't a bad thing entirely! 

And, just for kicks, if you're interested in the page Facebook thought they should block, here it is :) 
I appreciate any follows! 


  1. What in the world! So glad that the page is back up, but goodness gracious. Sometimes FB just doesn't make sense!!!

  2. They really don't! It was so ridiculous to get blocked from my own page like that! I'm so glad I didn't have to start completely over! It happened to someone who had over 16,000 followers.

  3. Oh this gave me a heart attack. I can't imagine! I had a friend who's blog was deleted after 5 years of blogging. THAT alone made me back up everything & purchase my domain so google couldn't! What a scary thing to go through! I just liked your page :)

  4. Interest read, this is exactly why it is so important to not use social media as your only marketing content! you don't have a control over it. I'm sharing all over the place!


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