Bits of Sweetness: Because some days just call for sprinkles

Because some days just call for sprinkles

Sprinkles make everything better. Some days though, can't be helped by even sprinkles. Or coffee. Or a big hug. Some days are just hard. They're hard to love. They're hard to come to grips with.

Our sweet girl got shots today. She's been pretty miserable. Andrew did too. He was so brave. I let him pick a surprise for braving it. Poor boy feels pain a lot more intensely than most kids. Shots are tough anyways, but to him, they're so much worse. He was so brave, and I was so proud of him. A two hour visit to his favorite local play spot was in order.

It's tough emotionally as a parent. You go through so many ups and downs even in the course of an hour. The pure joy. The shrieking pain. The sad cries. The sweet timid moments. They can weigh so heavy on the heart.

The truth is, it's hard loving all of this. I try. I really do, but some days I'm so over them and it's not even 7 a.m.

Honestly? I don't love every day. Not in a please-pity-me sense but in a bemused this-is-just-life sense.

I finally gave myself permission to just give the hard days the boot and keep on keeping on. Some days it looks like five hours of Lego Ninjago ( and yes, that said five hours.) Some days it means we end up wasting gas on an unplanned trip to a friend's just to get out of the house. Some days it looks like staying up until almost midnight because dude,  a quiet house and vent cup of coffee are small sacrifices to make for the therapy that it is.

Tonight looks like sleeping out in the living room with Adleigh so as not to wake the hubby who has to be at work all day from super early to super late. I won't see him until 9:30 p.m. It's life right now and I'll be the first to acknowledge that it just stinks and I can't wait until this chapter is DONE. That's ok though. I'm at peace with not loving all of it.

I usually wrap up my posts with a silver lining but I honestly don't have one so I'll just leave it at that. Thank you for reading sweet friend. ❤❤


  1. I'm here to cheer you on, friend! The good days, the not so good days - they're all the same to me. You do it for me so much. Love you. You got this, lovey.

  2. ❤❤❤❤ all. The. Hearts friend :)


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