Bits of Sweetness: Journaling 12.13.14

Journaling 12.13.14

I'm writing today down to remember its sweetness. Some days are good, but today was perfect in my book. Josh so rarely gets a weekend day, so I knew I wanted to cherish the time!

We had Christmas photos planned, but I made that fatal mistake of lying down for "just a few more minutes" after I turned it off (second mistake! ) I have a hard time at telling how much time it will realistically take to do anything. Usually I try and plan it to the second (which never works out!) Instead of trying to get us out the door in an hour, I rescheduled until after the holiday craziness! (Which, I will honestly miss! This is such a special time of year!)

So plan B- relaxing morning. I was the only one up until 8:10. So rare! We changed times for our nanny to come so we could leave earlier and accomplish Christmas shopping and client photo work. We knocked it out in two hours. The time together was just wonderful. After kids, simple things like running to the store are suddenly an all-day excursion (and so tiring too!) I have no idea why it's about like going on a trip to just go to the store but it somehow is!!! It was lovely to be able to meander through stores. We found something for every single person on our list! (And even stayed on budget! Fist pump!) I was trying to find reasons to stay out longer, but our designated time was soon coming! It was nice though, and we even stayed with gifts that will just fit in their stocking instead of bigger ones. It's a fun challenge to find small fun toys! I'm really excited about this Thinking Putty for Andrew.

We had easy peasy pizza for lunch (and chicken caesar salad- my favorite!) The rest of the day was full of time together and sweet moments. I am so go-go-go oriented. I have a really hard time just stopping and relaxing. I love to relax but if there is laundry waiting or dishes to be done, it's hard to tune it out! :) I did though and was proud of myself for just choosing time together. I think as parents, it can be so easy to choose to show love through doing things (especially if that is your love language) rather than just simply spending time. After all though, they say love is spelled t-i-m-e. We listened to Pentatonix and Wyndham Hill and snuggled under the big cozy blanket I got for my birthday, reading stories and watching our favorite shows. It was perfection.

And then? I ended it with a bubble bath. It was pretty sweet. I have yet to tell the boys how many bubbles my bubble bath will do. Ha :) Call it my little secret shall we! And it was good! :)

Ending the night talking to my sweet friend Nay, and falling asleep with this dear girl in my arms, and I'd call it a perfect day.

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  1. Talking with you is always a highlight for me. I'm so grateful for your friendship!


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