Bits of Sweetness: Up All Night With You

Up All Night With You

This time thankfully not with a sweet little one with the croup!
She got the croup too :( But thankfully she is doing fantastic now!
Essential oils are amazing; that is all I have to say!

Right now, my life looks something like:
Really really needing to go pump (ouch!) but having an adorable snoozing baby on my lap. (Such a dilemma!!)
Creativity sparked at the decision to limit Christmas gifts to what will fit in our stockings. 
A new little karate lover in our house! Tonight was his second time there, but first to participate. I'm happy to say that he loved it as much as I had hoped he would! I am so incredibly proud of him being so brave with a completely new challenging thing.

Busy busy busy finishing up Christmas photo sessions! I can't post any I'm working on but trust me that they are stinking cute! :)

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  1. Best of luck with everything! New babies make things more exhausting, but more sweet as well. And I've always thought Christmas is best with little ones in the house. :)


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