Bits of Sweetness: 365 Photo A Day: January!

365 Photo A Day: January!

I have tried multiple monthly photo prompts but always forget midway through the month! However, I am loving this photo a day challenge doing my own prompts for it! Feel free to join in! Just grab the icon and link up. If you haven't done a photo every day, that's fine! Just use it as a good excuse to capture and enjoy the moments around you. I would love to see what you have been up to so far this year! Follow along on Instagram here if you'd like a daily feed rather than monthly!

Lots of firsts this month and neat things we've been blessed with doing-

First symphony (both boys loved it! We will definitely be going back next year. I appreciate that they put on a symphony geared towards kids. It's the kind of thing I would love to take the boys to, but their attention span is so hit and miss! The songs were very ear-catching (if you know what I mean ;-) )
First day of school for Andrew at his new school. (I could throw confetti all over about that!!)
Beautiful spring-like weather.
New homeschool art and science group we started going to every Monday. It is so fun for Andrew to have a hands-on outlet and with other boys too! Afterwards, they are able to run. play, and dig to their hearts content. I think it's therapy quite honestly!
The Stella & Dot piece I pictured is one of my most favorite ones from the spring line. So much sparkle (and always so well-made!) 
Trellis Necklace found here

Ladies, if you are wanting something a little extra special this Valentines Day, please please let your hubby know! (I hear they can't read minds!!) All orders placed in time for Valentines Day will receive a special thank you from me! You can see all the beautiful new pieces here! (Custom lockets you guys!) Just be sure you have me selected as the stylist ;-) You can make a wish list and send it to your hubby! hint hint ;-)

Feel free to grab the code to link up each month. (Even if it's just highlights, don't worry about it! But, special kudos to anyone who can make it every day with me!)
Bits of Sweetness

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