Bits of Sweetness: How to win at toothbrush time! #hellotoothpaste

How to win at toothbrush time! #hellotoothpaste

Thanks to Hello for sponsoring today's discussion!

Is this a familiar scene in your house at toothbrush time?

It sure is here!! Our kids are really sensitive to anything too minty or sweet. I feel like between the toothpaste flavors and them counting a good toothbrush time as 10 seconds, there's just no winning! We started doing a couple things though that have been a total score around here!

1:: Fun toothpaste! 
This is such a must! There's just something extra special about toothbrush time when they have a fun flavor to use. We let Andrew pick out his favorite from bubblegum, blue raspberry and green apple.  He wanted to use them all! Letting them make a choice with something good-for-them is a win all around! Check out all the Hello toothpaste flavors they have here! I'm loving the peach mango one! I love that hello don't add dyes or iffy additives to their toothpaste (especially for kids!) 

2:: Make it a game to get rid of the plaque!
Use whatever wording will work for your kids! Each kid is so different! Andrew loves thinking of them as bad bugs he gets to go destroy!
3:: Put on some toothbrushin' tunes!
Any song 2 minutes long will do! We are loving Pancake Manor because it's fun kids songs without the annoying kid-song noise!
4:: Let them admire their great toothbrushing job!

4:: Stand back and smile knowing you're getting your kids to do something good while having fun! Check out what other great toothbrush time products Hello has here!

What does the trick at your house to make toothbrush time a win?

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  1. I love the idea of a toothbrush song! I need to do that with my kids


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