Bits of Sweetness: Let your messy sparkle a little

Let your messy sparkle a little

A revelation struck me this week. Something I've lived by for a while but finally put words to. And it's simply this:

Guys, we put so much pressure on ourselves and everyone around us to always be more. The message is whispered everywhere in subtle and then in loud tones.

It's like we can't appreciate the people God made without altering them to fit our idea of perfect.

Enough though. Because through Christ we are enough. He doesn't need Pinterest- worthy to work in our lives and be glorified. No, in fact, I believe he is *more* glorified in the messy and uncomfortable than in the pristine!

Take heart today dear one. You are enough.

And for heaven's sake, please let your messy sparkle a little today! The real you that God made rather than social media pretty. Delight in the one God made. Your imperfections are what he is using most to write an incredible story. Twie heart!

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