Bits of Sweetness: The 5:00 slump

The 5:00 slump

Dear one,

It's Friday!! In our house, even though we homeschool, it's cause for celebration. The day holds so much promise of the weekend yet to come, doesn't it? I have to be honest though- some days are a struggle once 5:00 hits. I wonder, "Hey what about my weekend?" I wouldn't trade our kids for the world! I really wouldn't! Sometimes though, I think about it a little (ok or a lot) and how it would be so nice to be off shift at 5:00. Some days it feels like the day starts to just go kaput and continues to move downhill quickly. I find myself wanting to annihilate whatever is ruining my day. Pretty soon, everyone's mood matches my own. (How do kids even sense that?!)

Today I came across this post, and it made me think about my annihilation attitude! You know, it really is what it is! Let me share my "right now" with you. (I  know I'm not the only one who loves a little look into others' reality!)

5:00 nap. Of course. Nap transition just sucks, doesn't it?! There goes bedtime!

Screen time? Yep. I mean, it's quiet and sanity for me, so... yeah.

Playing the "how many random piles can we create" game.

So we're going for random volumized strands here at a cool artistic angle. Thank you to Andrew for this classic shot!

I'm realizing this:
Giving thanks.

That's not really what I want to do about the scattered toys and whining kids and crumbs all over. No, in fact, I might be the first to say that it's ok to take a moment to list what you really can't stand right now. I don't believe God expects us to love every second of life. Here's what I'm realizing though- I find myself, more often than not, waiting for my fairy tale life to come swooping in, somewhere amidst all the peanut butter smudges and messy snotty noses. It's like I somehow believe that there has got to be something better than this and so, I wait to appreciate the messy life I have.

I've started to try and give thanks for the things that normally frustrate me to no end, and feel like they are in the way of the life I feel like I should have. This  is my reality and as hard as that is to swallow, I'm learning to love the imperfect messiness of it.

Tonight, I chose to ignore the arguing going on and just love on our sweet kids. After all, don't they say that those who are most in need of love act in the most undeserving of ways? It's true.

Reality? Ok you win. I don't love every second but I am slowly learning to give thanks even in the mess.

What do you find yourself pausing about giving thanks for? It's so hard, I know, but really changes your day!

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